Tenses Worksheet (20 sentences of mixed tenses)

Identify the tenses from the given sentences.

  1. I have written two chapters of this book.
  2. He likes butter on a piece of bread.
  3. They have finished eating an hour ago.
  4. Is he leaving for Glasgow?
  5. We take tea in the afternoon.
  6. He will watch the movie on Sunday.
  7. He said that he had seen Tom at the grocery store.
  8. He is reading his favorite novel in the library.
  9. I have studied Social Behavior in college.
  10. He has been living in this city for ten years.
  11. Shariq will be spending holidays at the beach.
  12. He was flying a kite when the storm broke.
  13. I have been practicing verbs for one week.
  14. The doctor saved the life of the child.
  15. We will have taken dinner before 9 o’clock.
  16. She gave me a nice gift.
  17. We had taken our seats before the show began.
  18. The boss had been working on a new project for three weeks.
  19. He will have been studying Neural Networks for one month.
  20. He is developing a pseudo model of his project.

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  1. Present Perfect Tense
  2. Simple Present Tense
  3. Present Perfect Tense
  4. Present Progressive Tense
  5. Simple Present Tense
  6. Simple Future Tense
  7. Past Perfect Tense
  8. Present Progressive Tense
  9. Present Perfect Tense
  10. Present Perfect Progressive Tense
  11. Future Progressive Tense
  12. Past Progressive Tense
  13. Present Perfect Progressive Tense
  14. Simple Past Tense
  15. Future Perfect Tense
  16. Simple Past Tense
  17. Past Perfect Tense
  18. Past Perfect Progressive Tense
  19. Future Perfect Progressive Tense
  20. Present Progressive Tense

Look at the worksheet and mention the name of the tense against each sentence.

Mixed tenses worksheet
Mixed tenses worksheet