Present Continuous Tense Exercise

Present Continuous Tense Exercise: It is a practice exercise for you consisting of 15 questions. Solve the exercise and see the complete sentences at the end.

View: Present Continuous Tense (Formula, Usage & Examples)


  1. She is baking the chocolate cake.
  2. I am reading my favorite novel.
  3. John is teaching Mathematics in this school.
  4. Is he not crying?
  5. I am feeling cold.
  6. He is not repenting upon his sins.
  7. You are criticizing my opinion.
  8. Burglar is entering the house by the window.
  9. Is she looking for me?
  10. Why are you standing here?
  11. The fisherman is catching fish.
  12. When are the guests arriving here?
  13. I am flying kite.
  14. The doctor is treating the patients.
  15. The people are coming to the park.