Simple Present Tense Exercise

Simple Present Tense Exercise: It is a practice exercise for you consisting of 15 questions. Solve the exercise. All the answers are given at the end of the exercise.

See also: Simple Present Tense Formula, Usage and Examples


  1. I solve the sum.
  2. He performs his duty diligently.
  3. My mother cooks meal daily.
  4. They enjoy holidays in December every year.
  5. She watches TV in the evening.
  6. I drink tea at breakfast.
  7. The water of lake freezes in December every year.
  8. The doctor feels the pulse of patients daily.
  9. I sleep late at Saturdays.
  10. He does not speak French fluently.
  11. Does the bus leave tonight at 7:30 pm?
  12. Does the sun rise in the East?
  13. Why does she not believe me?
  14. I get up early in the morning.
  15. The children always enjoy the zoo trip.