Present Tense Exercises with Answers (Identify Tense Name)

Present Tense Exercises with Answers: Read these 15 sentences carefully and identify the tense name from the given options.

Let’s start!


  1. Do we take a bath daily? (Simple Present)
  2. They have razed the house to the ground. (Present Perfect)
  3. She has been going to college for two years. (Present Perfect Progressive)
  4. The boss has sent him on a foreign tour. (Present Perfect)
  5. The birds are flying in the air. (Present Progressive)
  6. Tom always spends his holidays at the beach. (Simple Present)
  7. He is combing his hair. (Present Progressive)
  8. Nimra has planted roses in her garden. (Present Perfect)
  9. The salesman has been collecting the orders for one hour. (Present Perfect Progressive)
  10. The laborer is pushing the carriage. (Present Progressive)
  11. He visits health resort places during summer vacations. (Simple Present)
  12. The successful students have received their prizes. (Present Perfect)
  13. Is he not listening to you attentively? (Present Progressive)
  14. I have ironed my clothes. (Present Perfect)
  15. She has been writing poems for one week. (Present Perfect Progressive)