Future Tense Exercises with Answers (Identify Tense Name)

Future Tense Exercises with Answers: Read these 15 future tense sentences and identify the tense name.

Let’s start!


  1. When will you publish your book? (Simple Future)
  2. If he works hard, he will pass. (Simple Future )
  3. Why will the gardener be watering the plants? (Future Progressive)
  4. He shall have bought the flowers for his friend. (Future Perfect)
  5. The mechanic will be fixing the water tap. (Future Progressive)
  6. They will have been decorating the hall with buntings for two hours. (Future Perfect Progressive)
  7. She will be kneading the floor. (Future Progressive)
  8. We will have considered his claims. (Future Perfect)
  9. The watchman will be keeping watch the whole night. (Future Progressive)
  10. The soldiers will fight against the enemy. (Simple Future)
  11. The host will have been entertaining the guests for two hours. (Future Perfect Progressive)
  12. He will have achieved his goals by the end of this year. (Future Perfect)
  13. The cunning fox will be flattering the crow. (Future Progressive)
  14. The nation will have been holding festivities of freedom for many hours. (Future Perfect Progressive)
  15. He will draw a map of the house. (Simple Future)