Past Perfect Tense Exercises

Past Perfect Tense Exercises: It is a practice exercise for you. You need to choose one correct option from the given multiple options.

Recall the past perfect tense formula and solve the exercise.

Subject + had + past participle + object

Let’s start!


  1. I had studied French before I moved to France.
  2. The guests had gone before the sunset.
  3. The shopkeeper had closed the shop before I reached there.
  4. The patient had taken medicine before the doctor arrived.
  5. I had not seen such a beautiful horse before.
  6. The leopard had climbed up the tree before the lion arrived.
  7. Shami had gone to the park.
  8. It had not rained in my village.
  9. England had won the cricket world cup.
  10. She had cooked the meal before I came.
  11. He had lighted the lamp.
  12. It had started drizzling before I reached home.
  13. Kiran had celebrated her birthday.
  14. The employees had achieved the target before the boss came.
  15. The poet had already written a poem.