Past Continuous Tense Exercises

Past Continuous Tense Exercises: It is a practice exercise for you. You need to choose one correct option from the given multiple options.

Keep in mind the formula of past continuous tense and solve the exercise.

Subject + was/were + V1 (ing form) + object

Let’s start!


  1. The kids were watching cartoon shows.
  2. Nimra was waiting for her friend when I waved her.
  3. An old man was sitting on the bench in the park.
  4. The magician was showing tricks to children.
  5. They were swimming across the river.
  6. The audience were listening to the speaker.
  7. Who was standing at the door?
  8. The kid was not reading a storybook.
  9. The postman was delivering the letters.
  10. I was not ironing the clothes.
  11. Shariq was reading a novel while I was watching TV.
  12. I was drinking coffee when she arrived.
  13. John was eating meal in that restaurant.
  14. I was helping my friend to complete the assignment.
  15. The farmer was working in the field yesterday.