Future Progressive Tense Exercises

Future Progressive Tense Exercises: It is a practice exercise for you. Each question has three options. Choose the correct one.

Recall the future progressive tense formula and solve the exercise.

Subject + will + be+ base form(+ing)

Let’s start!


  1. The train will be coming till 7 o’clock.
  2. Will she be looking for a job?
  3. When I get back, they will be eating lunch.
  4. Will you not (won’t you) be staying with him tomorrow?
  5. Will you not be needing me anymore?
  6. Will you not be (won’t you be) coming again?
  7. Do not hurry, the bus will be leaving by evening.
  8. The professor will be giving lectures on Political Science.
  9. The farmer will be sowing the crops.
  10. The examination will be starting in college by next Monday.
  11. Will the gardener be watering the plants?
  12. We shall not be picking the flowers.
  13. He will be repairing the watch.
  14. The President will be addressing the nation.
  15. Tom will be attending a webinar next Monday.