Past Progressive Tense Exercises

Past Progressive Tense Exercises: It is a practice exercise for you. Each question has three options. Choose the correct one.

Recall the past progressive tense formula and solve the exercise.

Subject + was/were+ base form(+ing)

Let’s start!


  1. I was reading a book when he came in.
  2. The sun was shining when we went out.
  3. Scenes from his past life flashed through the sailor’s mind when he was drowning.
  4. The next thing he remembered was the face of the friend who was standing near him.
  5. The doctor was examining the patients.
  6. The kid was sitting on the floor.
  7. They were staying in a hotel when I saw them.
  8. When the storm came I was staying at home.
  9. They were enjoying the weekend at the beach.
  10. The kid was reading a storybook.
  11. Tom was buying furniture for his room.
  12. The old man was shivering with cold.
  13. The employer was not recommending him for a job.
  14. I was feeling sleepy.
  15. He was carrying the luggage when I saw him yesterday.