Present Progressive Tense Exercises for Beginners

Present Progressive Tense Exercises for Beginners: It is a practice exercise for you. Each question has three options. Choose the correct one.

Recall the present progressive tense formula and solve the exercise.

Subject + is/am/are+ base form(+ing)

Let’s start!


  1. Tom is purchasing a gaming laptop.
  2. The mechanic is fixing my bike.
  3. Jani is studying grammar lessons.
  4. Shariq is leading the sales promotion team.
  5. I am cooking rice for lunch.
  6. The doctor is treating the patients in the hospital.
  7. He is performing duties diligently.
  8. The clouds are thundering.
  9. Is he riding a bicycle?
  10. Tom is going towards the market.
  11. I am standing on the roof.
  12. What are you doing now?
  13. The government is granting scholarships to eligible students.
  14. She is delivering lectures on Mathematics.
  15. The cat is sitting under the chair.