Future Continuous Tense Exercises

Future Continuous Tense Exercises: Practice test for you. Choose one correct option from the given multiple options.

Recall the future continuous tense formula and then solve the exercise.

Subject + will+ be + V1 (ing) + object.


  1. I will be reaching my goal.
  2. The peacock will be dancing in the garden.
  3. Ryan and Tom will be signing an agreement.
  4. Why will you be teasing me?
  5. He will be attending lectures on Mathematics.
  6. She will be buying from a grocery shop.
  7. They will be playing football tomorrow.
  8. I will be working hard to achieve the target.
  9. I will not be reading a book.
  10. He will be sleeping until then.
  11. The chef will be baking a pie.
  12. Tom will be eating a burger.
  13. They will be planning the journey.
  14. The passengers will be passing the railway bridge.
  15. Peter will be going with me.