Present Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises

Present Perfect Continuous(Progressive) Tense Exercises: It is a practice exercise for you. You need to choose one correct option from the given multiple options.

Keep in mind the formula of present perfect continuous/progressive tense,

Subject + has/have + been + V1(+ing) + object + time reference

Let’s start!


  1. My father has been reading the newspaper for one hour.
  2. She has been traveling to Rome.
  3. The child has been learning this poem.
  4. I have been sleeping since last night.
  5. Has it been hailing for one hour?
  6. The crowd has not been raising slogans.
  7. The frogs have been croaking in the mud.
  8. The barber has been cutting my hair.
  9. The cobbler has been fixing the shoes since long.
  10. She has not been watching the movie.
  11. The teacher has been teaching the math to his pupils for one hour.
  12. The mechanic has been fixing the TV for one hour.
  13. It has been drizzling since morning.
  14. Have you been waiting for me since evening?
  15. Shama has been working in this office for two years.