Present Perfect Tense Exercises

Present Perfect Tense Exercises: It is practice exercise having 15 sentences. Complete sentences are given at the end of the exercise.

View: Present Perfect Tense (Formula, Examples and Usage)


  1. The mechanic has fixed my car.
  2. Micheal has attended all the lectures today.
  3. Has he gone to college?
  4. He has got admission to Government College Lahore.
  5. The police have registered a case against him.
  6. He has paid his debt.
  7. All the passengers have alighted from the train.
  8. The culprit has not confessed his crime.
  9. She has acted upon my advice.
  10. The house painter has whitewashed the house.
  11. The hound has caught the rabbit.
  12. The chef has prepared the meal.
  13. He has spent his holiday at beach.
  14. All the birds have flown in the air.
  15. I have bought my favorite book.