Future Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises

Future Perfect Continuous Tense Exercises: It is a practice exercise for you. Each question has three options. Choose the right answer.

Recall the formula of future perfect continuous tense and solve the exercise.

Subject + will + have + been + base form(+ing) + Time reference


  1. The farmer will have been sowing crops since 2003.
  2. He will have been living in this city for five years.
  3. The milkman will have been bringing the milk since 2017.
  4. He will have been studying Spanish for two months.
  5. Jimmy will have been traveling around the world for five years.
  6. He will have been going to college daily.
  7. We shall have been taking breakfast since 10 o’clock.
  8. The citizens will have been paying tribute to their national hero.
  9. He will have been flattering his boss.
  10. His parents will have been fulfilling all of his wishes.
  11. The host will have been entertaining the guest for two hours.
  12. The watchman will have been keeping watch the whole night.