Future Perfect Tense Exercises

Future Perfect Tense Exercises: It is a practice exercise for you. Three options are given against each question. Choose the right one.

Recall the future perfect tense formula and solve the exercise.

Subject + will+ have + V3 + object.

Let’s start!


  1. The farmer will have sown the crop until November.
  2. The passengers will have reached their destination.
  3. She will have passed the exam by the end of this year.
  4. I will have cooked rice until 8 o’clock.
  5. The mechanic will have fixed my car.
  6. Tom will have purchased his favorite novel.
  7. She will have written an essay until 10 o’clock.
  8. I will have planted a lot of seeds in my garden.
  9. We will have played the match until tomorrow evening.
  10. He will have performed his duty diligently.
  11. Taimur will have eaten the meal until 2 o’clock.
  12. I will have completed my assignment.