Mixed Tenses Exercises with Answers

These are 22 sentences of mixed tenses exercises with answers.

Attempt this exercise and select the right answer by identifying the correct tense against each sentence.

Mixed tenses exercises with answers
Mixed tenses exercises


  1. He is serving dinner to the guests. (Present Progressive Tense)
  2. The patient will have regained consciousness before the doctor’s arrival. (Future Perfect Tense)
  3. I will plant roses in my lawn. (Simple Present Tense)
  4. She said that her friend had betrayed her. (Past Perfect Tense)
  5. She has sent the parcel by post. (Present Perfect Tense)
  6. The gardener waters the plant. (Simple Present Tense)
  7. Tom has been working as a Financial Officer in this firm since 2014. (Present Perfect Progressive Tense)
  8. The children were enjoying the zoo trip. (Past Progressive Tense)
  9. For what I know him, I hesitate to trust him. (Simple Present Tense)
  10. He signaled the moment he saw the car. (Simple Past Tense)
  11. This watch does not cost much. (Simple Present Tense)
  12. I will be taking rest at 3 o’clock. (Future Progressive Tense)
  13. He will have learned French by next year. (Future Perfect Tense)
  14. She does not have much jewelry. (Simple Present Tense)
  15. He squandered all his wealth after the death of his father. (Simple Past Tense)
  16. We had not heard this news till yesterday. (Past Perfect Tense)
  17. I had never tasted such a delicious ice-cream before. (Past Perfect Tense)
  18. I had been studying at this college for two years. (Past Perfect Progressive Tense)
  19. He does not understand my point. (Simple Present Tense)
  20. She will know the answer tomorrow. (Simple Future Tense)
  21. The rain will have stopped before I reach home. (Future Perfect Tense)
  22. By next year he will have been working in this factory for five years. (Future Perfect Progressive Tense)

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