Past Tense Exercises with Answers

Past Tense Exercises with Answers: A practice exercise having mixed sentences of simple past, past progressive, past perfect and past perfect progressive tense.

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  1. I came two minutes ago.
  2. It occurred to Hamlet that in his haste he had killed a spy.
  3. He was peeping into the room.
  4. Alexander had conquered one-fourth of the world before he was thirty.
  5. Somebody knocked at my door.
  6. He was not waiting for her.
  7. He has been saving money for many years before he fell ill.
  8. I had my breakfast in the morning.
  9. The train had left before I reached the station.
  10. She had been beautifying her house for many days before her husband returned.
  11. I had been waiting for many hours before you came.
  12. Who was disrupting the meeting?
Past Tense Exercises with answers
Past Tense Exercises

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