100+ Most Common Phrasal Verbs List with Examples

100+ Most Common Phrasal Verbs List with Examples:

  1. Account for – She could not account for her absence from the meeting.
  2. Add up – The manager added up the bill.
  3. Answer back – Don’t answer back your boss.
  4. Anxious about – Our parents are anxious about our health.
  5. Back out – Don’t back out your promise.
  6. Bear away – He carried the day by bearing away all prizes.
  7. Bear up – Bear up the odds of life if you want to be happy.
  8. Bear out – I bear out the truth of your statement.
  9. Beat down – Even death could not beat him down.
  10. Branch off – The main road branches off to the left.
  11. Break off – The two friends have broken off relations with each other.
  12. Break through – The sun broke through the clouds.
  13. Bring up – Her grandmother brought her up.
  14. Bring under – The police have brought under the thieves.
  15. Bring forth – Hard work always brings forth good results.
  16. Brush aside – Our complaints were simply brushed aside.
  17. Build up – A little practice will build up your confidence.
  18. Call at – I called at your house yesterday.
  19. Call for – Your remarks were not called for.
  20. Call forth – Troubles can call forth a person’s best qualities.
  21. Call off – The match was called off due to rain.
  22. Call out – He called out the firemen to extinguish the fire.
  23. Call up – I’ll call you up this evening.
  24. Carry on – Carry on your working.
  25. Carry out – He was carrying out the instructions received from the boss.
  26. Cool down – Talk to her only when she has cooled down.
  27. Caution against – The people were cautioned against the pollution.
  28. Carry through – His courage carried him through his illness.
  29. Cast down – She was cast down by the news of her father’s death.
  30. Cast aside – Cast aside your fears and get ready for further action.
  31. Confide in – I confide in my own abilities.
  32. Conversant with – She is conversant with English history.
  33. Come about – How did the sad incident of her divorce come about?
  34. Com to – He came to his senses four hours after his operation.
  35. Com across – I came across an old friend yesterday.
  36. Come of – Tom comes of a good family.
  37. Come off – His wedding came off as planned.
  38. Come over – A feeling of sickness came over her and she had to lie down.
  39. Cut down on – He has cut down on smoking.
  40. Count on – You can count on him as he is a man of principles.
  41. Destined to – He was destined to be ruined despite all his effort.
  42. Die away – The loud sound died away.
  43. Draw up – The officer drew up his men.
  44. Draw out – He drew out the interview questions.
  45. Doze off – I often doze off while watching television.
  46. Drop in – Drop in to see us next time you are in town.
  47. Eat away – Pollution has eaten away the stonework.
  48. Egg on – They egged him on to smash the glass case.
  49. Encroach on – Television began to encroach on the radio in the late 1940s.
  50. Fall away – His supporters fell away when he advocated sectarianism.
  51. Fall about – She fell about when she heard the joke.
  52. Fall back on – Sometimes the manager of the company has to fall back on old strategies.
  53. Fall through – This project of the government fell through because of the paucity of funds.
  54. Fill in – Fill in the facts of your business experience.
  55. Find out – Try to find out the reasons of your failure.
  56. Figure out – Have you figured out what the problem is?
  57. Flick through – I flick through the channels on the TV.
  58. Get at – The fox could not get at the grapes.
  59. Get on with – You can’t get on with this silly girl.
  60. Get over – You will get over the shock by and by.
  61. Get through – John got through the examination.
  62. Get on – He could not get on with his father-in-law.
  63. Get back – When will you get back?
  64. Get down – He climbed the tree but could not get down.
  65. Give away – He gave away all his wealth in charity.
  66. Give up – He has given up smoking.
  67. Give over – He gave over all his business to his manager.
  68. Go after – If you want to achieve your goal go after it with full vim and vigor.
  69. Go on – The meeting is going on in the meeting hall.
  70. Hands down – He won the championship hands down.
  71. Hand over – After legal binding, he handed over the documents to me.
  72. Hold back – The police held back the crowd.
  73. Hold over – The meeting was held over for a week.
  74. Keep off – Draw the curtain to keep off the sun.
  75. Keep on – Prices kept on increasing because of inflation.
  76. Keep out – Warm clothes keep out the cold.
  77. Lay down – He was forced to lay down his job.
  78. Let in – Let him in through the main gate.
  79. Let off – The train stopped to let off passengers on signal.
  80. Live up to – He never lived up to his father’s vision of him.
  81. Look down upon – Don’t look down upon anybody.
  82. Look forward to – I am looking forward to meeting my friend.
  83. Look into – I’ll look into the matter to know the fact.
  84. Look up – He is looking up this word in dictionary.
  85. Make away with – The thief made away with all her money.
  86. Make for – I made for the nearest hotel.
  87. Make out – I can’t make out what he is trying to say.
  88. Make over – His wealth was made over to his children.
  89. Pass through – We become wise after passing through different ordeals.
  90. Pick out – The jury will pick out the best student of the college.
  91. Put down – Let me put down your telephone number before I forget it.
  92. Put up with – I cannot put up with this noise any longer.
  93. Put off – Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
  94. Reflect on – The years to come will reflect on my decisions.
  95. Run down – He is run down and unable to work right now.
  96. Run into – You’ll run into trouble if you don’t take care.
  97. Set in – Winter sets in early in the north.
  98. Set aside – The court set aside his claim.
  99. Shake off – I wish I could shake this fever off.
  100. Stand out – She stand out in a crowd because of her beauty.
  101. Stir up – His speech stirred up our emotions.
  102. Take in – He is so simple that he can be easily taken in.
  103. Take for – He took me for his friend.
  104. Wait on – She waited on her old mother.
  105. Ward off – Government should take some immediate measures to ward off unemployment.
  106. Weigh down – He was weighed down with financial burdens.
100+ most common phrasal verbs
100+ most common phrasal verbs