Phrasal Verbs Exercises with Answers

Phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition or an adverb. It has a different meaning than the original verb. Let’s take an exercise of phrasal verbs for its better understanding.

  1. The truth finally __________ me. (dawned on/dawned about)
  2. He __________ as if nothing had happened. (carried on, carried through)
  3. He __________ all struggle. (gave up / gave out)
  4. __________ the light, please. (Switch on, switch for)
  5. She __________ her mother. (takes in, takes after)
  6. Children __________ whatever they hear. (blurt out, blurt about)
  7. Junoon has just __________ a new winter collection. (brought up, brought out)
  8. The Panda is in danger of __________. (drying out, drying in)
  9. All the tickets of the Barcelona Cup have been __________. (sold away, sold out)
  10. Why are you __________. (looking around, looking for)
  11. Please, __________ your shoes. (take off, take out)
  12. Have the factory workers __________ the strike? (called of, called off)
  13. He did not __________ my request. (accede to, accede for)
  14. He __________ drinking after his failure in love. (took to, took in)
  15. You can __________ this deficiency. (make out, make up)
  16. Girls __________ to greet their favorite teacher. (turned on, turned out)
  17. He __________ book of all kinds. (deals in, deals of)
  18. The government has __________ all projects. (cast by, cast aside)
  19. All the fruit in the basket has __________. (gone off, gone out)
  20. His oratory __________ the feelings of the crowd. (worked up, worked out)


  1. dawned on
  2. carried on
  3. gave up
  4. Switch on
  5. takes after
  6. blurt out
  7. brought out
  8. drying out
  9. sold out
  10. looking around
  11. take off
  12. called off
  13. accede to
  14. took to
  15. make up
  16. turned out
  17. deals in
  18. cast aside
  19. gone off
  20. worked up
Phrasal verbs exercises
Phrasal verbs exercises