Sentence Completion Worksheets

Sentence Completion Worksheet – 1

Jimmy presents himself as a bold journalist by asking politicians the kind of __________ questions that other reporters shy away from.

  • Relevant
  • Normal
  • Controversial

A change in eating habits to a very thin look is not just an innocent _________ or trend; it is a serious __________ for many women who may suffer from dietary disorders.

  • fad —- hazards
  • prank —- challenge
  • whim —- undertaking

If only an expert can work on this software program, even the most talented beginners will be _________ by the complex layout of the system.

  • translated
  • baffled
  • addressed

In a country so calm and beautiful, it was hard to believe that something __________ could occur.

  • temperate
  • untoward
  • seemly

Even though he was supposed to be _________, Marie did not see him fit for duty.

  • reproached
  • intrepid
  • rehabilitated

The teacher told the student that he should either __________ his behavior or he will be foced to reprimand him.

  • improve
  • negligent
  • descend

The citizens of New York believed that there was a(n) __________ level of pollution in their lakes, until the mayor __________ it.

  • unhealthy —- confirmed
  • innocuous —- challenged
  • harmless —- encouraged

It is very surprising to know that some of the best inventions have only been __________ on inventions that already __________ .

  • mutations — prevailed
  • improvements — capsized
  • innovations — existed

The scientist’s __________ theory about life on the moon explained at the beginning of the semester left many students to wonder if this lecture was __________ of what was to come during the rest of the course.

  • implausible — analogous
  • relative — equivocal
  • futile — reductive
Sentence Completion Worksheets
Sentence Completion Worksheet

Worksheet – 2

Ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere __________ living organisms from damaging ultraviolet radiation.

  • warms
  • protects
  • curves

The theory that “politicians cause corruption” is a common __________ among those who want to __________ the checks and balances on the political decision making process.

  • refrain — tighten
  • blunder — abolish
  • mistake — shorten

His press secretary told him that his speech the other day was totally __________ and out of line.

  • sensitive
  • inappropriate
  • morose

In this company, you cannot get by with your __________ alone; you need to put in a lot of effort in order to succeed.

  • pride
  • courage
  • ability

The medieval alchemists tried to attain limitless wealth by __________ copper and other base metals into gold.

  • placing
  • transforming
  • melting

The folklores of our society serve to highlight our values; by examining our favorite __________ and our favored characters.

  • stories
  • rituals
  • legends

In the historical arena of ancient Rome, a single wall still stood like a gladiator, in mute __________ to nature’s forces.

  • testimony
  • evidence
  • tribute

The auditors of Enron modified their financial statements to such an extent that, the company’s financial record were entirely __________.

  • hidden
  • taxable
  • spurious

The lecturer droned on about the __________ points of mathematical models to solve a problem, while omitting detailes that might __________ the reader’s interest.

  • trivial — boost
  • week — sell
  • essential — limit

Paradoxically, the more __________ the storyline J. L. Rowling chose, the better able she was to portray her magical world.

  • fanciful
  • realistic
  • sublime

Gohar’s bigoted mind was acting just like the pupil of the eye; the more light I poured upon it, the more it __________.

  • blinked
  • contracted
  • veered