Preposition Quiz (Online Test)

Preposition Quiz: Short and easy sentences are used in this quiz. Choose the correct preposition from the given options. The complete sentences are given at the end of quiz.

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  1. Shakira is engaged in her work.
  2. He exulted over his rival’s failure.
  3. I felicitated him upon his success.
  4. The moon emerged from the clouds.
  5. Naeem is fond of playing tennis.
  6. Never grumble at your lot.
  7. He imparts every secret to me.
  8. His house is furnished with modern articles.
  9. The branch of tree is laden with bunches.
  10. He was knocked out in the final round.
  11. Hard work is the key to success.
  12. You are liable for your brother’s debts.
  13. He persisted in going abroad.
  14. The boss raged at her for nothing.
  15. She is recovering from fever.