Adjective Examples (50 Simple and Easy Sentences)

Adjectives are the words that manifest the attributes of a noun or a pronoun. These words are placed before noun or pronoun. These are also called the modifier words of nouns/pronouns.

Here we have written down 50 adjective examples for you which are simple and easy to understand.

  1. Have you received latest news about the match?
  2. There is damp feeling in the air due to heavy rain.
  3. He lost the few friends he had.
  4. My shirt is better than yours.
  5. She is wiser than her sister.
  6. Noki is a muscular woman in this town.
  7. Roger noticed a brown ribbon on the box.
  8. She is known as a shy girl among her friends.
  9. He possess an attractive personality.
  10. The little money he had, he lost in gambling.
  11. Few men came to the meeting.
  12. Angel Falls is an amazing waterfall in Venezuela.
  13. Your pen is superior to mine.
  14. Julia is the most beautiful girl in the class.
  15. Tom is the tallest man in the town.
  16. Shakespeare was the greater poet than any other in United Kingdom.
  17. This flower is the best of all.
  18. The cloth touches rough.
  19. My house is very spacious and clean.
  20. This cup has less sugar than I need.
  21. Please give me some milk to make tea.
  22. There is not any water in the jug.
  23. Your house is older than mine.
  24. I asked him a question. He gave me a full reply.
  25. This book is inferior to that.
  26. My name was the last in the merit list.
  27. Of the two routes, this is the shortest.
  28. Roger is eldest in his family.
  29. The flowers smells sweet.
  30. The latter part of the story is interesting.
  31. People say that few women can keep silent.
  32. The climate of Sibbi Town is hotter than that of Lahore.
  33. A little money is better than no money.
  34. Health is preferable to wealth.
  35. Jimmy has perfect features.
  36. She is the wisest of all her sisters.
  37. He felt a sharp pain in his left arm and went to hospital.
  38. I have no further comments to make.
  39. She is cleverer than you.
  40. The rotten eggs smell bad.
  41. Of the two boys, Tom is nobler.
  42. The park is farther than zoo.
  43. Few people can keep the secret.
  44. The grapes tasted sour.
  45. The boxer hit a powerful punch to his opponent and knocked him out.
  46. A large number of candidates applied against the limited number of seats.
  47. It is not easy to walk on this uneven path.
  48. I went through a strong feeling of weakness after illness.
  49. My cat has blue eyes and fluffy skin.
  50. He picked a ripe apple from the basket.

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50 adjective examples
50 adjective examples