Slangs in English | 91 Slang Words with Meaning & Sentences

Slangs in English are the words used in specific meanings instead of original meanings. These are used in many particular situations. These words are not considered a part of quality English.

  1. Airhead (a stupid person)
    • I’m sorry to say that you sometimes act like an airhead.
  2. Amigo (friend — Spanish)
    • I met many amigos at the farewell party.
  3. Armpit (dirty, unappealing)
    • This cheap hotel is an absolute armpit!
  4. Ass (an unworthy and hated person)
    • I cannot befriend when you act like an ass.
  5. Awesome (great and impressive)
    • Your services for this institution are truly awesome.
  6. Bang (a very powerful thing)
    • Disneyland is really a bang!
  7. Barf (vomit)
    • My dog barfed all over the carpet.
  8. Bazillion (an infinite number of something)
    • I really have taught a bazillion students during the last five years.
  9. Beans (money)
    • I’ve worked for this company for three years, but I still don’t have beans.
  10. Beat (tired)
    • I’m really beat because I was awake all night.
  11. Biggie (something important)
    • I was hoping to get my homework completed but it’s so biggie.
  12. Biker (a motorcycle rider)
    • He used to be a biker until he got into a serious motorcycle accident.
  13. Bod (body)
    • Stalone has a great bod!
  14. Bonkers (crazy)
    • He who works too hard sometimes goes bonkers!
  15. Booboo (a mistake)
    • I made a booboo while solving questions.
  16. Boob tube (television)
    • He is always in front of the boob tube.
  17. Bullshit (lie, dishonesty)
    • I don’t like people that bullshit me.
  18. Bushed (extremely tired)
    • I’m completely bushed.
  19. Catch some rays (get some shine)
    • Let’s go to the beach and catch some rays.
  20. Cheesy (cheap, outmoded)
    • Why are you wearing such cheesy clothes?
  21. Chicken (coward)
    • Don’t be such chicken!
  22. Cool (excellent, superb)
    • My web site is totally cool!
  23. Cooler (jail)
    • If you drink and drive, you’ll end up spending time in the cooler.
  24. Couch potato (a person who watches too much television)
    • Why did I have to marry such a couch potato?
  25. Crap (something worthless)
    • My furniture is a bunch of cheap crap.
  26. Dirt (extremely bad person)
    • He was dirt so I stopped meeting him.
  27. Dirty (offensive, pornographic)
    • Stop looking at the pictures in that dirty magazine!
  28. Dynamite (powerful, excellent)
    • His performance was really dynamite.
  29. Evil (great)
    • Your car is really evil.
  30. Eyeball (to stare long and hard at someone)
    • He eyeballed his opponent before starting the game.
  31. Fab (fabulous)
    • This new hotel is really fab.
  32. Fart (to expel intestinal gas)
    • It is embarrassing to fart on the first date.
  33. Flashback (sudden memory)
    • Sometimes I have a flashback to my days living in Paris.
  34. Flick (movie)
    • Let’s go out tonight and watch a flick.
  35. Fox (attractive, alluring person)
    • I love her; she is really a fox.
  36. Freebie (something that does not cost money)
    • My trip to New York was a freebie.
  37. Geek (someone who works too hard, is more intelligent than usual, and is slightly unattractive)
    • Bill Gates is a kind of a geek.
  38. Get it (to understand something)
    • Sorry, but I just don’t get it.
  39. Glitch (flaw)
    • There must be a glitch in this software.
  40. Go bananas (Go slightly mad)
    • My children will certainly make me go bananas!
  41. Gomer (a dumb person)
    • Stop acting like a gomer.
  42. Goof (a silly and foolish person)
    • What a goof you are!
  43. Goof off (waste time)
    • Stop goofing off and help me clean the house!
  44. Grabbers (hands)
    • Have you washed your grabbers, Sunny?
  45. Grub (food)
    • Where’s the grub?
  46. Guts (courage)
    • I took a lot of guts to ask his boss for a raise.
  47. Hairy (difficult)
    • The steep and windy road was really hairy.
  48. Head (toilet)
    • I really need to use the head!
  49. Hep or hip (sensible, informed)
    • She’s really hip student.
  50. Hyper (overly excited)
    • Children often get hyper when they are tired.
  51. Icky (unpleasant)
    • The food is really icky in this cafeteria.
  52. Jack around (waste time)
    • Will you please stop jacking around?
  53. Jerk (stupid or annoying person)
    • How could you go out with such a jer like Jhanir?
  54. Jillion (an immense number)
    • Do you really have jillion problems?
  55. Kick back (relax and enjoy)
    • I wish I could kick back at the lake today.
  56. Kick-off (die)
    • My dog finally kicked off.
  57. Killer (something exceptional or great)
    • Wow, your girlfriend is a real killer!
  58. Knock (condemn)
    • Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it.
  59. Laidback (relaxed, calm)
    • I always feel laidback at the beach.
  60. Lame (incompetent)
    • Some students are lame but claim to be scholars.
  61. Love handles (excess fat around the waist)
    • It is not possible for our policemen to lose their love handles.
  62. Make waves (cause problems)
    • Teachers don’t like students to make waves.
  63. To the max (maximum)
    • I’m happy to the max.
  64. Mellow (relaxed)
    • I’m feeling very mellow this evening.
  65. Mickey-mouse (unimportant, time-wasting)
    • I’m sick of this mickey-mouse job.
  66. Nuke (destroy, delete)
    • Sorry, but I accidentally nuked your e-mail message.
  67. Nut (someone passionate about something)
    • I’m a nut about computers.
  68. Pad (someone’s home)
    • Can I sleep at your pad tonight?
  69. Peanuts (very little money)
    • I love my job but the pay is peanuts.
  70. Piss (to urinate)
    • My cat pissed on me!
  71. Pro (someone who’s good at something professional)
    • She’s really a pro at golf.
  72. Puss (the face)
    • His friend slapped him on the puss.
  73. Quick and dirty (done fast but not well)
    • The mechanic did a quick and dirty repair on my car.
  74. Rat (a despicable person)
    • I thought I loved you but now I know you’re really a rat.
  75. Razz (annoy someone)
    • Will you please stop razzing me?
  76. Rip off (stealing)
    • Someone ripped off my car.
  77. Rubbish (nonsense, not true)
    • That rumor is a bunch of rubbish.
  78. Rug rat ( a child)
    • Jimmy has a couple of rug rats at home.
  79. The runs (diarrhea)
    • Oh no! I’ve got the runs!
  80. Screw up (to make a mistake)
    • I screwed up on the driving test, so I didn’t pass.
  81. Snookered (cheated)
    • I got snookered by her glib tongue.
  82. Sofa spud (a person who watches)
    • He’s usually a sofa spud on Sunday.
  83. Suck (to be bad and unacceptable)
    • That song really sucks!
  84. Umpteen (many, countless)
    • I’ve asked you umpteen times to show me the money!
  85. Uptight (nervous, anxious)
    • Why are you so uptight?
  86. Vanilla (plain)
    • She drives a vanilla car.
  87. White bread (plain, boring)
    • The movie I watched last night was really white bread.
  88. Whiz (Someone who shows a special talent for something)
    • Einstein was a whiz in Physics.
  89. Wimpy (weak)
    • Don’t be so wimpy.
  90. Yank (bother, harass)
    • Stop yanking me, okay?
  91. Zit (pimple, acne)
    • Teens often have a lot of zits.
Slangs in English | 91 Slang Words with Meaning
Slangs in English | 91 Slang Words with Meaning