Analogy Practice Question Answers

What is analogy?

Definition: We can define analogy as a comparison of thing or idea to another thing or idea which is different from it. It is used to link an unfamiliar idea with common and familiar objects.

It is easier for readers to comprehend a new idea, which may be difficult for them to understand otherwise. Their comprehension of a new idea picks up the pace when they observe its similarity to something that is familiar to them.

In addition, by employing this literary tool, writers catch the attention of their readers. Analogies help increase readers’ interest as analogies help them relate what they read to their life.

As per dictionary definition analogy is “a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification “.

There will always be a direct and necessary relationship between words in the main pair. This relationship is expressed by making a short sentence, called a test sentence. A test sentence is whatever simple sentence you come up with to relate the two words.

How to solve analogy examples?

Your goal when you build test sentence should be to keep it short and as clear as possible. You should know the meaning of the given words. In this way you can find the relationship between the words given in the question. You should try to relate the words with each of the given choices to see which pair makes the sense. Eliminate the choices with weak relationship.

Let’s take look at the following example.

Album: Photographs

  1. Bulb: Light
  2. Head: Cap
  3. Shelf: Books
  4. CDs: CPU

Make a test sentence which can better express the relationship of the given words in the question.

An album is a place for saving photographs.

A ______ is a place for saving __________.

Now, take look at the given choices,

  1. A bulb is a place for saving light.
  2. A head is a place for saving cap.
  3. A shelf is a place for saving books.
  4. A CD is a place for saving CPU.

In this case, only No.3 makes the sense.

Moreover, if two choices of the same problem have same test sentence, you can eliminate them both because if one is correct then other will also be correct. You will find that you are left with the correct answers.

Practice Questions

English analogy test with answers for the purpose of practice is given below.

(1)   Hook: Fish

  1. Stadium: Games
  2. Glove: Ball
  3. Symphony: Music
  4. Word: Alphabets
  5. None of these

(2)   Pulp: Paper

  1. Rope: Hemp
  2. Rayon: Cellulose
  3. Thread: Needle
  4. Yarn: Fabric
  5. None of these

(3)   Hitler: Germany

  1. Shakespeare: England
  2. Mussolini: Italy
  3. Tulsidas: India
  4. Boris Yeltsin: Russia
  5. None of these

(4)   Thermometer: Temperature

  1. Length: Breadth
  2. Millimeter: Scale
  3. Cardiograph: Heart rate
  4. Solar Energy: Sun
  5. None of these

(5)   Loath: Coercion

  1. Irate: Antagonism
  2. Irritate: Caressing
  3. Reluctant: Persuasion
  4. Contemplative: Meditative
  5. None of these

(6)   Story: Novel

  1. Sea: Ocean
  2. School: University
  3. Book: Dictionary
  4. Poetry: Drama
  5. None of these

(7)   Sale: Purchase

  1. Give: Receive
  2. Shop: Market
  3. Cash: Credit
  4. Profit: Loss
  5. None of these

(8)   Garbage: Dustbin

  1. Tree: Honey
  2. Medicine: Capsule
  3. Kitchen: House
  4. Bangles: Hand
  5. None of these

(9)   Money: Transaction

  1. Life: Death
  2. Water: Drink
  3. Ideas: Exchange
  4. Language: Conversation
  5. None of these

(10)   Illiterate: Uneducated

  1. Country: State
  2. City: Village
  3. Palace: Hut
  4. Vision: Sight
  5. None of these

(11)  Knife: Cut

  1. Winter: Summer
  2. Sword: Sharp
  3. Drill: Hole
  4. Run: Fast

(12)  Fish: Trout

  1. Hair: Black
  2. Mammal: Cow
  3. Tiger Carnivorous
  4. Bird: Aviary

(13)  Gill: Fin

  1. Instrument: Pencil
  2. Cockroach: Antenna
  3. Bread: Butter
  4. Hard Disk: Keyboard

(14)  Counselor: Advice

  1. Patron: Support
  2. Honesty: Charity
  3. Bank: Banker
  4. Artist: Musician

(15)  Race: Fatigue

  1. Round: Boxing
  2. Fasting: Hunger
  3. Flower: Color
  4. Hiking: Gangrene

(16)  Strut: Walk

  1. Hunter: Fire
  2. Sweating: Wrestling
  3. Speech: Stage
  4. Stammer: Talk

(17)  Vise: Grips

  1. Kiln: Potter
  2. Tempers: Flare
  3. Calipers: Measures
  4. Spout: Geysers

(18)  Camera: Sight

  1. Type: Touch
  2. Headphone: Hearing
  3. Pictures: Anthology
  4. Thirst: Water

(19)  Detective: Informer

  1. Author: Book
  2. Architect: Draftsman
  3. Reporter: Source
  4. Vacancy: Empty

(20)  Evade: Question

  1. Elicit: Response
  2. Shirk: Malingerers
  3. Knowledge: Thrust
  4. Parry: Blow


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