Spelling Rule -ING

What is the rule when adding ‘ing’ to a word?

Here is how you can correct ” -ing forms” spellings of gerunds and verbs.

We can change a verb into ‘ing’ form by adding ‘ing’ at the end of verb.

Base formING form


  • He is dealing with the hardships of life.
  • He was doing the work efficiently.
  • Who is talking with you?
  • Tom is showing us his new car.
  • The child is weeping

If there comes ‘e’ at the end of verb, then add ‘ing’ at the end of verb by removing ‘e’.

Base formING form

Some examples of above rule,

  • She is smiling while watching TV.
  • The chef is making a sponge cake.
  • The stars are shining at the sky.
  • Tom is riding the horse.
  • He is writing an essay.

If the composition of verb is Consonant+Vowel+Consonant, then the final consonant is doubled + ‘ing’ at the end.

InfinitiveING form
  • The government was banning the use of polythene bags.
  • They were gritting the icy-way.
  • He is getting admission in Beacon House School.

If a two-syllable verb ends in a Consonant + Vowel + Consonant, we do not double the final consonant when the stress is on the first syllable.

InfinitiveING form
to happenhappening
to enterentering
to offeroffering
to suffersuffering
  • What is happening?
  • They are offering a discount.
  • Many people are suffering from lack of food and water.

But, we do not double the final consonant when the verb ends in W, X, or Y or when the final syllable is not emphasized.

InfinitiveING form
to fixfixing
to enjoyenjoying
to snowsnowing
  • He is fixing his bike.
  • We are enjoying this great weather.
  • It’s snowing outside.

If the verb ends in -ie we change it to -ying.

InfinitiveING form
to lielying
to diedying
to tietying
  • I know you are lying to me!
  • You should water your plant more because I think it is dying.
  • The little boy is tying his shoelaces.

If the verb ends in Consonant + Vowel + L, we normally double the final L and add -ing.

InfinitiveBritish EnglishUS English
to traveltravellingtraveling
to marvelmarvellingmarveling
  • I have been traveling around South America for 6 months.
  • He was marveling at her beauty.

If the verb ends in a stressed Vowel+R, we double the final R and add -ing.

InfinitiveING form
  • Are you referring to this one or that one?
  • They are thinking of deferring payment of their mortgage.

If the verb ends in an Unstressed Vowel + R, we do not double the final R and add -ing.

InfinitiveING form
to offeroffering
to suffersuffering
to whisperwhispering
  • I am offering you a special deal.
  • He is now suffering the consequences of his actions.
  • I wonder what he is whispering in her ear.
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