Adjective Exercises

Solved adjective exercises (multiple choice questions and fill in the blanks).

1. Of the two books, this the ____________.

    a) Good
    b) Better
    c) Best

2. Of the four brothers, Afzal is ____________.

    a) the more intelligent
    b) the most intelligent
    c) the much intelligent

3. We praise ____________.

    a) the braves
    b) the brave
    c) bravery

4. What is ____________ news?

    a) the last
    b) the late
    c) the latest

5. Is he ____________ you?

    a) taller of
    b) taller than
    c) taller from

6. This boy is ____________ Arham,

    a) elder than
    b) elder from
    c) older than

7. Is he ___________ of the family?

    a) the oldest
    b) the older
    c) the eldest

8. He is ___________ for his honesty.

    a) notorious
    b) famous
    c) known

9. Your voice is ___________ me.

    a) softer than
    b) softer from
    c) the softest

10. ___________ part of the play is boring.

    a) The last
    b) The latter
    c) The latest

11. This is a ___________.

    a) worth seeing sight
    b) worth seen sight
    c) sight worth seeing

12. He is a ___________ man.

    a) cowardly
    b) coward
    c) cowardice

13. He is ___________ than his elder.

    a) more better
    b) much better
    c) more good

14. My friend has ___________ shirts than I have.

    a) less
    b) fewer
    c) few

15. His habits are ___________ his friend’s.

    a) like
    b) as
    c) same


  1. better
  2. the most intelligent
  3. the brave
  4. the latest
  5. taller of
  6. older than
  7. the eldest
  8. famous
  9. softer than
  10. The last
  11. sight worth seeing
  12. cowardly
  13. much better
  14. fewer
  15. as

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Fill in the blanks (Adjective Exercise)

  1. Of the two books, this is the __________. (better/best)
  2. The color of the wall is different from _________. (from ceiling / from that of ceiling)
  3. He is the ___________ and richest man of the town. (kind/kindest)
  4. This pen is ___________than that. (more cheaper/cheaper)
  5. Of the two plans, this is the ____________. (best, better)
  6. He has not bought ____________ apple. (any/some)
  7. She is the ________ able girl in the class. (more/most)
  8. He is lying _________ now-a-days. (ill/sick)
  9. I have ____________ map of Switzerland. (comprehensive/comprehend)
  10. This is ____________ house. (most ideal/ an ideal)


  1. better
  2. from that of ceiling
  3. kindest
  4. cheaper
  5. better
  6. any
  7. most
  8. ill
  9. comprehensive
  10. an ideal
Adjective exercises