50 Conjunction Sentences

These are some commonly used Conjunction Words

AlthoughAs for as
As long asAs soon as
IfIn case
So thatThan

50 Conjunction Sentences

  1. I have not seen him since he went away.
  2. He went to college but returned soon.
  3. I would rather die than beg.
  4. He will not do it until you ask him.
  5. She cries as if she were beaten.
  6. Stay here or go away.
  7. Work hard or you will fail.
  8. He knows how to drive.
  9. I know how to write fiction.
  10. I had hardly gone to bed when my friend arrived.
  11. Ali is both brother and friend to me.
  12. He is no other than my friend Jami.
  13. He asked if I knew it.
  14. Although he is poor yet he is honest.
  15. Two years have passed since he came.
  16. She behaved as his brother did.
  17. No sooner did he come than I rushed out to meet him.
  18. He works hard so that he may pass the examination.
  19. I shall go whether you accompany me or not.
  20. Not to speak of fruits, he cannot even buy vegetables.
  21. Not to speak of standing first, he could not even pass.
  22. He walked fast so that we might catch the train.
  23. It is nothing else but a fraud.
  24. So long as you have money, there is no dearth of friends.
  25. He yells as if he were mad.
  26. I shall not go unless you allow.
  27. As he is needy, I shall help him.
  28. He will not do it until you ask him.
  29. I feared lest I should be fail again.
  30. When he comes, I shall leave.
  31. If he fails to come, what will you do?
  32. He is not only wise but also handsome.
  33. Although he is rich yet he is miser.
  34. He was drowned since no one came to save him.
  35. I don’t like such boys as are lazy.
  36. Walk with care lest you should slip.
  37. You are neither fool nor rogue.
  38. As I am busy, I cannot go there.
  39. She yells as if she had been disagreed.
  40. Do not leave the place until he comes back.
  41. There is a cash prize whoever completes the task.
  42. Do not sleep so much lest you should fall ill.
  43. Seats are limited, so you should apply as soon as possible.
  44. I am feeling better after taking medicine.
  45. He never went to a hotel, even though he could afford it.
  46. The job was just as I imagined it.
  47. He cam however busy he was.
  48. Some people like junk food, whereas others hate it.
  49. My friend studies Computer Science while I study English literature.
  50. I can go wherever she likes.

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50 Conjunction Sentences
50 Conjunction Sentences