My Best Friend Essay

Centuries ago, Aristotle rightly said, “Man is a social animal.”. This saying clearly indicates that the man cannot live in isolation without the company of another person. He tries to find out the people of his temperament and taste who may have some common cause with him. Such type of person is also called a friend.

A friend is a person whom one knows, likes and trust but he may or may not be his relative. One may have as many as friends as one likes but Henry Adam’s sagacious view is,

One friend in lifetime is much; two are many; three are hardly possible.”

Henry Adam

Look at another quote of Benjamin Franklin,

Be slow in choosing a friend, but slower in changing.

Benjamin Franklin

That is why, I am inclined to say that friendship is a sacred bond of relationship between two hearts. It is union of two persons with regard to mind, heart, though and company.

The friendship is the name of total trust, mutual confident and faith. It is often made in the early years of life. It does not demand any reason or justification. It is tenderer than a flower and sweeter than rose’s scent.

It requires loyalty, devotion, sincerity, and sacrifice. Hence slight selfishness is enough for its fading away.

I also have a true and sincere friend namely Bilal Naqvi who is dearer to me than any kind of treasure in the world and even my own life. He has fair complexion, broad shouldered and have medium stature.

The coolest thing about my friend is that he possesses cool sweet temperament and cheerful dispossession. He is very polite, urbane, well-dressed and well-mannered. He is a gentle, kind and sympathetic person.

He is very energetic, industrious and soft-spoken man. He welcomes every visitor with open arms. That is why, every one feels at home in his company and is always attracted to him.

He possesses all sterling qualities of head and heart that make one a sincere friend. He is just like a mirror that reflects the merits and demerits of others. He loves and sympathize but hates none. He always showers joys on others and partakes of their sorrows and miseries.

A true friend is the elixir of life and panacea of all ills. He is always useful at the time of misery and adversity. Hence, Bilal proves the proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

He becomes upset and worried when he sees others in sufferings. He sacrifices his time, work, rest and wealth to alleviate their pains. He feels spiritual joy when he helps the helpless and indigent. He is always bent upon lending a helping hand to others.

He is a literary giant. He is a poet and prose writer. He always wins good position in the contests conducted by the college. He is often found buried under the pile of books as he is a book lover. He loves to study books on literature and discusses with the teacher whenever and where ever required. He also helps and guides the weak students kindly and compassionately.

He has a bold temper. He does not quarrel with anyone. He never gets offended with anyone except if someone tells a lie. He is silent by nature and speaks little but when he talks he is always meaningful.

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He is respectful to elders and kind to young. He is kind to me in a company but takes me to task in privacy when I make mistakes. To me, he is unfathomable ocean of knowledge. I have learnt a lot from him. Passion for good books is his thirst.

We have been friend since childhood. He abhors bad company and abominates the flatterers.

He is regular, dutiful and punctual. He has no particular game except badminton which he does only for recreation and refreshment to soothe his taut nerves when he is bored and exhausted after the day’s work. He is the speaker of the first rank. He always speaks well of others and never nourishes any evil passion for any one even though that chap is his avowed adversary.

He keeps his ego high and never questions anyone. As a matter of fact, I am lucky enough to have a person like him as my friend. He is a great source of inspiration, strength and courage to me. All these qualities of my friend have tempted me to acknowledge him as my true friend. Therefore, I am proud of the deep, sincere and lasting relationship with him. May our friendship last long!