Essay on my Best Teacher (500+ Words)

Here is a 500+ words essay on my best teacher.

Great philosopher Plato says, “A teacher is the physician of mind.” He leads the students from the dark valley of ignorance to the heights of learning and glory.

A scientist works on the physical body of man, but a teacher works on his mind and soul. That is why a wise man says,

A teacher must have the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of job and the courage of David.

Such a person is called an ideal teacher. He is the friend, philosopher, and guide of his students. He takes a personal interest in their studies and helps them at every step inside as well as outside the class. It is a great privilege and honor to be the student of such a teacher.

I have received lessons from a number of Teachers/Professors. All of them are able and efficient. I love and respect all of them. Out of those professors and teachers, I am much charmed by the towering personality of Mr. Shariq Javed. He has a broad forehead, fair complexion, sharp features, dark brown eyes, straw smooth hair and cheerful disposition with a smile on his face.

He is a very polite, urbane, well-dressed, well-mannered, soft-spoken, energetic and studious person.

Qualities of my teacher

He possesses all the sterling qualities of head and heart which make one an ideal teacher. I adore and like him for his good qualities of learning, teaching, patience, forbearance, fortitude, kindness, devotion and dedication.

He is highly qualified in the knowledge of the physical world. Coming of a noble family, he is a thorough gentleman.

He teaches us the subject of Physics. He is an unfathomable ocean and treasure of knowledge and wisdom. His method of teaching is so attractive and easy that we easily grasp and perceive his point. He has full command over his subject.

He analyses every topic and interprets each point thoroughly. He even briefs us the background of the topic and explains it with the help of examples. He has so sweet magical voice and charming way of teaching that the students wish for prolonging of his class.

Besides his particular subject, he also tries to develop our self-respect, build our character and inculcate in us the qualities of a great man. He guides and directs us on how to lead a successful life. He teaches us manners and etiquette.

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He is kind and polite and never shows exertion. His sound arguments, lucid explanations, and well-knit thoughts make us listen to him most closely and attentively and hence he does not allow any kind of boredom or dullness to descend upon the class. His witty remarks and short crisp sentences are really magical and delightful. We learn and memorize his crisp sentences as proverbs and quote them whenever and wherever needed. After the completion of his lecture, he advises us to ask him questions whether about the topic in hand or else; and he answers them with a smiling face.

He is also a good sportsman and athlete. He plays badminton. He always advises the students to “play while play and study while study.” He is ever willing to solve our problems. He greets us with love and kindness and resultantly we forget our cares and worries.

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