How to Learn English Fast in 5 Easy Steps

How to Learn English Fast in 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to learn to speak English fast while sitting at home? Here are the tips to learn English easily by following simple steps. These are useful tips to learn English that can help you to achieve the task of learning English. You have to spend more time with English. Abraham Lincoln has rightly said:

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

That’s why native English speakers are so good at it: they’ve spent thousands of hours listening, talking, reading, and writing English. Studying only is sufficient for learning. Listening, talking, reading and writing all are equally necessary to become a fluent speaker of English.

How to Learn English Fast in 5 Easy Steps

How to Learn English Fast in 5 Easy Steps

Learn English in a fun way

  • Try to learn English in a fun way. If you are trying something boring you will get tired soon and quit.
  • Try to find English. Don’t stick to boring long hour studies.
  • Try to watch English language TV-shows or different kinds of videos which will enhance your capabilities to learn English.
  • Think in English, it is a very simple task. If you are planning a day or deciding what food to order, try to speak English.
  • If you are social, you can find English speakers to talk to.
  • You can also try some English podcasts instead of studying books for long hours.
  • You can gather your friends who love to learn English.

Learn some basic grammar

  • Basic grammar rules are necessary for learning English. These rules will give an idea to structure your sentences in a proper manner.
  • The basic grammar includes:
  • Try to use English to English dictionary to look up words.
  • While learning grammar, try to focus on fluency.

Use the power of phrases

  • Learn Useful English Phrases for Daily Use.
  • Try to discover a new phrase each day to use in your English! These are some incredibly useful phrases which are not available in English course books.
  • If you have a conversation partner, ask him to say the phrases while you record them on a smartphone, computer or recording device.

  • Basic English Phrases for Beginners like “thank you so much”, “I really appreciate you”.
  • Try phrases to use at workplace like “how can I help you”,  “I’ll be with you in a moment”.

Listen, Speak, Read, Write

The brain of a human being doesn’t remember every detail. Instead, they remember the things that seem important. If you just learn a phrase once, and never read or hear it again, you probably won’t remember it. Try to review once within a few minutes. You should focus most of your time to listen to English. Once you have heard phrases or sentences a few times, start using them in your daily routine. Talk to whoever you can; if you can’t find anyone, talk to yourself!

Reading and writing are also equally important, but you’ve probably already gotten a lot more practice with those. Just make sure to read more than you write.

Spend more time with English

  • Use English every day. Spend 10 to 15 hours of reading, listening and speaking English in a week. This will help you a lot to learn English fast and fluently.
  • Reader English books, novels on weekends.
  • Focus on fluency while speaking English
  • If you don’t live in an English-speaking country, find ways to make native English speakers.
  • Find study partners and meet regularly yo speak English. You can motivate each other and will learn by helping others with their problems.
  • Learn natural English. Try to expose yourself to formal English(books, speeches) as well as informal(conversations, dialogue etc.)

Some more tips

  • Tell a story from your language in English to your friend.
  • Keep your attitude positive.
  • Treat English like something that you want to do every day, not like something that you have to do.
  • Whatever you do, have fun!

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