How to plan for a success in examination

Success in examination is a dream of every student and every student tries to achieve success. The student who do not plan their study schedules have to suffer a lot. Therefore, planning in the study is a pathway to succeed in exams. Following are some steps by taking them we can achieve success in exams:-

1. Prioritize Your Subjects

List all your subjects and prioritize them and determine the length of topic. Give extra time to subjects which you find difficult. Make notes of your subjects.

2. Organize Your Study Space

The study space should be enough to spread textbooks and notes. There should be enough light and the chair should be comfortable. There should be complete silence so that you can easily focus on your studies.

3. Organize Your Time

Distribute your time amongst all the subjects/topics. Review all the course material and assign time according to length and difficulty of the topic/subject.

4. Keep Your Interest in Each Subject for Balance Study

You should not loose interest in study in all the subjects. Focus on all the subjects and topics evenly. Use different methods to learn i.e. diagrams, flow charts and listening videos relevant to subjects to keep your interest.

5. Be Realistic and Creative

Be realistic and seek to balance your study routine with your social life and hobbies but also include time to rest. Creativity can help you to adopt different methods for learning. Organize your groups with friends to share ideas and creativity.

6. Check Your Old Exam Papers

You can also check the previous exam papers. This will help to understand the pattern of examination and hands on practice.

7. Exercise to Warm up Your Body

Exercise daily at least 30 minutes walk can be helpful. The active and warm body will boost your energy.

8. Take Brain Food

Choose nutritious foods such as fish, nuts, yogurt, seeds and blueberries are proven to aid concentration and memory. Eat good meals before test that will provide you slow release of energy.

9. Relax Your Mind

For effective and better study plan relax mind is necessary. Keep your mind cool. Don’t hurry in exam preparation because a tense mind will not yield better results.

10. Drink Plenty of Water

As a final tip, drink plenty of water. It keeps your body hydrated. In a well hydrated body brain works at its best.