Prepositional Phrases List (Examples & Worksheet)


The prepositional phrases are made up of groups of words, its object and use the object’s modifiers.

What is a prepositional phrase?

Preposition is the part of traditional speech and its members are also a word class that means few new prepositions ever enter the language.

The prepositions are simple word that provides the relationship between some other words and phrases in a sentence. It also provides information about the location, direction or time.

One of the important things is that all prepositions are not single words its forms the several word-groups performs the same or related grammatical function in simpler way. Sometimes these kinds of word groups are called complex prepositions.

It starts with a preposition and ends with the noun or pronoun. The noun or pronoun relates the phrase to the rest of the sentence.

The noun or pronoun related with the preposition is called the objects of the preposition.

How to identify prepositional phrase?

How to make the propositional phrase is a one the learning skill it will be useful even you making sentence in English language. The example of some of prepositions are ‘across’, ‘in’, ‘of’, ‘with’, ‘from’ and ‘for’.

Between the objects and preposition, it includes adjectives and adverbs. You needed to careful if u distinguish the preposition ‘to’ with the ‘to’ that begins an infinitive. Nouns are different type’s common noun, proper noun and collective noun. The examples of nouns are names a person, measurement place, thing, creature, quality, idea and emotion. The pronoun also called as substitutes for a noun. The types of pronoun are personal, relative, reflexive, demonstrative, interrogative, indefinite and possessive.

Another example are ‘with me’, here with =preposition and me pronoun. ‘at home’, here at =preposition and home=noun.

You want to remember that the prepositional phrase never contain the subject of a sentence. The noun sometimes seems like a subject of a verb.

The noun and verbs is part of sentence. It may do the work of an adjective and change a noun. There have some rule at the ending sentence of a preposition.

The Henry Fowler dismissed the “prepositional stranding”. In fact that you get freedom even omitting its relatives is important element in flexible language.

The main objects of prepositional phrases adding prepositional phrases, arranging prepositional phrases, expending sentence with prepositional phrases, identifying phrases, sentence building with prepositional phrases. The prepositional phrases exercise helpful you when u develop a sentence it will gives the quality of sentence in each phrases.


How do you write a prepositional phrase?

What are the three parts of a prepositional phrase?