Antonyms – English Practice Test

Which of these words is most nearly the opposite of the word provided?

1. withdraw
a. reduce
b. need
c. advance
d. want

2. secret
a. friendly
b. covert
c. hidden
d. overt

3. heartfelt
a. loving
b. insincere
c. unhealthy
d. humorous

4. impartial
a. hostile
b. biased
c. dislike
d. worried

5. luminous
a. clear
b. dim
c. brittle
d. clever

6. awe
a. borrow
b. shallow
c. low
d. contempt

7. pit
a. group
b. peak
c. select
d. marry

8. rotund
a. round
b. unimportant
c. thin
d. dull

9. talent
a. ungrateful
b. silent
c. show
d. inability

10. common
a. strange
b. uneasy
c. quick
d. fast

11. brazen
a. bashful
b. boisterous
c. noisy
d. heated

12. expect
a. attend
b. regret
c. despair
d. loathe

13. malodorous
a. acrid
b. pungent
c. fragrant
d. delicious

14. expound
a. besmirch
b. confuse
c. confine
d. condemn

15. pique
a. value
b. gully
c. smooth
d. soothe

16. abate
a. free
b. augment
c. provoke
d. wane

17. dearth
a. lack
b. poverty
c. abundance
d. foreign

18. peaked
a. tired
b. arrogant
c. pointy
d. ruddy

19. abridge
a. shorten
b. extend
c. stress
d. easy

20. kindle
a. smother
b. detest
c. enemy
d. discourage

23. meager
a. kind
b. generous
c. thoughtful
d. copious

24. philistine
a. novice
b. intellectual
c. pious
d. debutante

25. zenith
a. worst
b. apex
c. nadir
d. past

26. germane
a. irrelevant
b. indifferent
c. impartial
d. improvident

27. irascible
a. determined
b. placid
c. reasonable
d. pliant

28. approbate
a. ingratitude
b. condemn
c. dissatisfaction
d. master

29. supercilious
a. unimportant
b. relevant
c. serious
d. meek

30. improvident
a. cautious
b. fortunate
c. proven
d. intelligent

31. demur
a. embrace
b. crude
c. boisterous
d. falter

32. fatuous
a. crafty
b. frugal
c. sensible
d. inane

33. quiescent
a. lackadaisical
b. active
c. dull
d. prescient

34. sartorial
a. cheerful
b. sincere
c. inelegant
d. homespun

35. sapient
a. hunched
b. strong
c. simple
d. simian

36. matutinal
a. paternal
b. crepuscular
c. maritime
d. marsupial

37. impecunious
a. wealthy
b. cautious
c. hungry
d. tardy

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