400+ Adverbs List | Adverbs starting with a – z

Adverbs are used to modify another adverb, an adjective or a verb. Mostly adverbs are formed by adding “ly” at the end of adjective. For example, weak — weakly.

A list of over 400 adverbs starting from ‘a’ to ‘z’ has been prepared for you.

Adverbs starting with ‘a’

Abbreviately After
About Afterwards
Abroad Almost
Absently Already
Absolutely Anxiously
Abundantly Anyhow
Accidentally Anywhere
Actually Arrogantly
Adoringly Awkwardly

Adverbs starting with ‘b’

Backstage Boldly
Backward Boorishly
Backwards Boringly
Badly Bravely
Beautifully Breezily
Before Briefly
Bitterly Brightly
Bleakly Briskly
Blindly Busily
Boastfully Buxomly

Adverbs starting with ‘c’

Cagily Conservatively
Ceaselessly Coordinately
Circumstantially Coughingly
Civilly Cowardly
Cleanly Cozily
Clearer Cravenly
Coherently Crazily
Collectively Croakily
Comfortably Cryptically
Communicatively Cutely
Confidently Cuttingly

Adverbs starting with ‘d’

Damply Difficulty
Dangerously Diffidently
Daringly Diligently
Darkly Diplomatically
Decently Dishonestly
Deeply Disproportionately
Defeatedly Distraughtly
Delicately Domestically
Densely Dopily
Derisively Doubtfully
Derogatively Dramatically
Devotionally During

Adverbs starting with ‘e’

Eagerly Erectly
Earnestly Erratically
Easily Erroneously
Elsewhere Exactly
Enjoyably Exhaustively
Enormously Explanatively
Enthusiastically Explicitly
Entrancingly Explosively
Enviably Extravagantly
Equally Exultantly

Adverbs starting with ‘f’

Factually Flimsily
Faintly Fluently
Fairly Followingly
Faithfully Foolishly
Famously Forcibly
Fast Formidably
Finally Fragilely
Finely Freely
Flawlessly Frequently
Fleetingly Fully

Adverbs starting with ‘g’

Gaspingly Gracefully
Generally Gradually
Generously Grandly
Gently Graphically
Girlishly Gravely
Gladly Greasily
Glamorously Greatly
Gloriously   Greedily
Goofily Grimly
Gorgeously Gruffly

Adverbs starting with ‘h’

Habitually Horizontally
Heartedly Hotly
Heatedly However
Heavenly Huffily
Heavily Hugely
Heftily Hulkingly
Hintingly Humorously
Historically Hungrily
Hollowly Huntedly
Hopefully Hurriedly

Adverbs starting with ‘i’

Identically Indolently
Idly Inevitably
Imposingly Initially
Impressively Instantly
Impudently Insufficiently
Inaccurately Intolerantly
Inaudibly Intricately
Incessantly Irately
Inclusively Irregularly
Incompletely Irrelevantly

Adverbs starting with ‘j’

Jaggedly Joyfully
Jointly Judiciously  
Jokingly Just

Adverbs starting with ‘k’

Keenly Knowingly
Kickingly Knowledgably
Kindly Kookily

Adverbs starting with ‘l’

Laboriously Limpidly
Lastly Lovingly
Lazily Luckily
Less Luridly

Adverbs starting with ‘m’

Matronly Mockingly
Maturely Moderately
Meanly Moistly
Meticulously Mostly
Miserably Mutely

Adverbs starting with ‘n’

Naively Nevertheless
Nakedly Normally
Naturally Nosily
Neatly Now
Neglectfully Numbly

Adverbs starting with ‘o’

Obscurely Ordinarily
Obviously Outragedly
Officially Outwards
Once Overhead
Only Overtly

Adverbs starting with ‘p’

Painfully Promptly
Painlessly Properly
Palely Protectively
Poetically Proudly
Poorly Providently
Positively Provisionally
Potently Punctually
Powerfully Punishingly
Prettily Punitively
Principally Perceptibly

Adverbs starting with ‘q’

Quaintly Quickly
Queerly Quietly
Questionably Quite
Quicker Quizzically

Adverbs starting with ‘r’

Radiantly Responsively
Rapidly Restfully
Ravishingly Righteously
Readily Rightfully
Realizingly Rightward
Really Rigidly
Refreshingly Rigorously  
Regally Ripely
Regularly Risibly
Reliably Romantically
Reluctantly Roughly
Repeatedly Roundly
Reprovingly Routinely
Repulsively Rudely
Resolutely Ruthlessly

Adverbs starting with ‘s’

Sacredly Shakily
Sacrificially Shiningly
Sadistically Shortly
Sadly Silkily
Safely Similarly
Sanely Skillfully
Sassily Slackly
Saucily Slavishly
Savagely Snakingly
Selfishly Staidly
Selflessly Steadily
Self-pitying Stuffily
Serenely Symbolically
Seriously Symmetrically
Severely Sympathetically

Adverbs starting with ‘t’

Tacitly Tiredly
Tactfully Tirelessly
Tartly Tolerable
Tenderly Tonelessly
Thankfully Too
Thickly Totally
Thornily Touchily
Thriftly Tunelessly
Thrillingly Twice
Throatily Typically

Adverbs starting with ‘u’

Ultimately Unsteadily
Ultimately Untruly
Uncertainly Untruthfully
Uncritically Upbeat
Unethically Upright
Unpleasantly Uprightly
Unpoetically Upward
Unreservedly Uselessly
Unsettlingly Usually
Unsparingly Utterly

Adverbs starting with ‘v’

Vacantly Viscidly
Vacuously Visibly
Vaguely Visually
Vainly Vitally
Variously Vividly
Vastly Vocally
Venally Vocationally
Verbally Volubly
Verily Voluntarily
Very Vulgarly

Adverbs starting with ‘w’

Warmly Wishfully
Weakly Wistfully
Wearily Withal
Weekly Wittily
Wetly Worriedly
Wildly Worthily
Willfully Worthlessly
Willingly Wrathfully
Windily Wretchedly
Wisely Wrongly

Adverbs starting with ‘x’


Adverbs starting with ‘y’

Yearly Yet
Yesterday Yieldingly

Adverbs starting with ‘z’

Zealously Zestfully
Zestily Zigzag

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Adverbs List | Adverbs starting with a - z
Adverbs List | Adverbs starting with a – z