123 Pair of Words List 101 Sentences

The purpose of the pair of words is to enhance the vocabulary. You should try to understand their meanings and correct usage.

Keep in mind the some tips to master the pair of words.

  • Read carefully each pair and note the difference in their meanings and spellings.
  • Try to understand the context of the sentence first.
  • Fix in mind the meaning of one word at a time.

Pair of Words List

Here is the list of 123 Pair of Words with meaning

Its (show possession) It’s (It is)
Adjured (requested) Abjure (renounce)
Accept (consent to receive) Except (other than)
Access (approach or enter) Excess (more than necessary)
Adopt (legally take) Adapt (become adjusted)
Admit (confess to be true) Confess (admit when something done wrong)
Advice (guidance) Advise (offer recommendations)
Affection (love) Affectation (pretention)
Enmity (feeling of active hostility) Amity (Friendship)
Amoral (lack moral sense) Immoral (sinful)
Appraise (assess or estimate) Apprise (inform)
Accede (agree) Exceeds (surpass)
Assent (permission) Ascent (rising)
Aural (heard) Oral (spoken)
Attention (action of dealing with) Intention (an aim or plan)
Averse (strong dislike) Adverse (harmful)
Avocation (hobby) Vocation (trade or profession)
A lot (a large number) Allot (give)
All ready (completely prepared) Already (by now)
Allude (suggest) Elude (evade or escape)
Award (prize to someone) Reward (thing given in recognition of effort)
Alternate (every other) Alternative (another available possibility)
Affect (make a difference to) Effect (bring about)
Amiable (lovable) Amicable (friendly)
Angle (space between two intersecting lines) Angel (person of exemplary conduct)
Anticipate (prepare for one’s self for) Expect (likely to happen)
A while (a time period) Awhile (for short time)
Anecdote (amusing story, tale) Antidote (medicine)
Besides (a part from) Beside (next to)
Between (used for two objects) Among (surrounded by, more than two)
Backwards (back towards starting point) Backward (directed behind)
Bored (feeling impatient and weary) Board (a piece of wood)
Break (separate into pieces) Brake (instrument to slow down the vehicle)
Breath (air inhaled into and expelled from lungs) Breathe (take air into or expel from lungs)
Bridal (concern to bride) Bridle (headgear to control horse)
Canvas (strong cloth made of hemp) Canvass (propose)
Censured (condemned) Censor (judge)
Childlike (innocent) Childish (immature)
Clothes (attire) Cloths (fabric)
Coarse (rough) Course (route)
Complimented (praise) Complementing (accompany)
Confident (assured) Confidant (best friend)
Connotes (suggest) Denotes (indicates)
Conscious (aware) Conscience (sense of right)
Contemptuous (disrespectful) Contemptible (mean, ignoble)
Continual (frequent) Continuous (uninterrupted)
Convince (induce someone to do something) Persuade (induce someone through reasons)
Counsel (advice) Council (board, panel)
Credible (acceptable) Creditable (commendable)
Criterion (basis) Criteria (plural, basis)
Dinning (loud noise) Dining (eating activity)
Dissent (disagreement) Descent (going down)
Diary (journal) Dairy (made from milk)
Demure (modest) Demur (object)
Dessert (dessert) Desert (empty, abandon)
Devise (conceive) Device (gadget)
Die (expire) Dye (colouring)
Discreet (careful) Discrete (separate)
Disinterested (impartial) Uninterested (not interested)
Economic (profitable) Economical (inexpensive)
Elect (opt for to do something) Select (pick)
Elicit (obtain) Illicit (illegal)
Eminent (prestigious) Imminent (near)
Epigram (slogan) Epitaph (memorial)
Entomology (branch of zoology) Etymology (study of origin)
Especially (mainly, mostly) Specially (for special purpose)
Everyday (daily) Every Day (each day)
Explicit (clear) Implicit (indirect)
Extent (area) Extant (surviving)
Faze (disturb someone) Phase (stage)
Farther (comparative of far) Further (at, to)
Fewer (a small number of) Less (to smaller extent)
Formerly (some time ago) Formally (lawfully)
Fourth (4th) Forth (forward)
Hanged (be suspended) Hung (emotionally confused)
Healthful (nutritious) Healthy (robust)
Heroine (brave woman) Heroin (addictive drug)
Horde (crowd) Hoard (accumulate)
Hour (period of time) Our (belonging to us)
Illusion (spectre) Allusion (reference to)
Immigrate (migrate from elsewhere) Emigrate (leave the country)
Incidence (frequency) Incident (occurrence)
Incredulous (disbelieving) Incredible (unbelievable)
Inflicted (impose) Afflicted (trouble)
Ingenuous (innocent) Ingenious (skillful)
Intensive (deep) Extensive (vast)
Latest (newest) Last (rear)
Led (showed the way) Lead (guide)
Lightning (very quickly) Lightening (make something)
Loose (insecure, baggy) Lose (misplace)
Luxuriant (lush) Luxurious (splendid)
Martial (military) Marital (matrimonial)
Medal (made of some metal) Meddle (interfere)
Moral (virtuous) Morale (spirit)
Naval (Marine) Navel (tummy button)
Now (currently) Know (realize)
Pass (proceed, go) Past (bygone)
Parameter (principle) Perimeter (boundary)
Patience (tolerance) Patient (suffer, victim)
Peace (calmness) Piece (slice)
Peak (top) Peek (glimpse)
Personnel (staff) Personal (individual)
Poring (study, examine) Poured (spew, flow)
Practical (systematic) Practicable (feasible)
Principal (main, chief) Principle (truth)
Pray (preface to polite request) Prey (hunt, kill)
Premier (foremost) Premiere (opening, debut)
Proceed (move on) Precede (come first)
Quiet (silent) Quit (stop)
Reign (rule) Rein (bridle)
Right (fair, good) Write (note, record)
Role (part) Roll (spin, travel)
Sensuous (aesthetic) Sensual (physical)
Site (plot, area) Sight (eyesight)
Stationery (office material) Stationary (fixed)
Statute (law) Statue (sculpture)
Than (used for comparison) Then (at that time)
There (at that place) Their (belonging to people)
Too (over, unduly) To (motion in direction)
Waste (misuse) Waist (part of human body)
Wander (roam) Wonder (admiration)
Whether (inquire about) Weather (atmosphere of a place)
Whose (belong to) Who’s (who is/has)
pair of words list
Pair of words list

101 Pair of Words Sentences

  1. What is its color? It’s yellow.
  2. The minister adjured his wayward congregation to abjure the sins of the flesh.
  3. The object of my life is to help people who are living in abject poverty.
  4. All accepted my offer except John.
  5. The number of students who wanted to access to the library was in excess of one hundred.
  6. Abstain from wine and refrain from throwing its bottle on the road.
  7. The government would often adopt policies that required people to adapt to a harsh regime.
  8. She admits his fault but never confesses her sins.
  9. I seek advice from the Holy Quran before I advise anybody.
  10. Affection needs no affectation.
  11. Love turns enmity into amity.
  12. Sometimes it seems more shocking to be amoral than to be immoral.
  13. After we have the jeweler appraise the diamond, we will apprise you of its value.
  14. The police accede to the proposal that whoever exceeds the speed limits should be punished.
  15. When they got the assent of the weather bureau, they allowed the enormous balloon to begin its ascent.
  16. We must pay attention to the intention of the person who commits some sin.
  17. I am averse to traveling in such adverse weather conditions.
  18. Teaching is her vocation but painting is her avocation.
  19. She would often allude to her childhood when she would elude her brothers in a game of hide-and-seek.
  20. A selfless person does need any award or reward for his services.
  21. In mock debates, we used to alternate sides, taking alternative positions.
  22. The government tried to alleviate the effects of the depression that affected the poor man badly.
  23. With amiable people, it is not difficult to have an amicable settlement of any dispute.
  24. From any angle, he looks to be an angel.
  25. It’s difficult to anticipate things that one doesn’t expect.
  26. I’ll be back in a while. Can you wait awhile?
  27. He told a funny anecdote about mixing up his soda with the snake-bite antidote.
  28. Besides my brother, I was also sitting beside my mother.
  29. Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
  30. The economy seemed to slide backwards thanks to the backward government policies.
  31. I was so bored at the Board of Trustees meeting that I fell asleep.
  32. He will break the car brake if he keeps pushing on it like that.
  33. Every breath counts, so breathe deeply now.
  34. The Assembly will discuss the cession of East Pakistan in its next session.
  35. We wore canvas shoes while we tried to canvass the entire neighborhood.
  36. Some people thought he was sweet and childlike in his innocence, but I always thought he was boorish and childish.
  37. His clothes were made of cloths of many different colors.
  38. We used a coarse sandpaper, of course.
  39. She complemented sister for complementing the dinner with hot coffee.
  40. She was confident that her confidant had given her good information.
  41. The word guts denotes one’s intestines but it also connotes determination and courage.
  42. There was a terrible dinning noise coming from the dining room.
  43. Since no one offered any dissent, we waited for a decent interval and then began our descent to the lower floors.
  44. She didn’t seem conscious of the fact that her husband has no conscience.
  45. Her family grew contemptuous of her contemptible behavior.
  46. These continual changes in our weather seem to be related to our continuous emissions of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.
  47. My mother will convince him that she is right and will certainly persuade him to keep working.
  48. She decided to seek the counsel of the Zila Council.
  49. It didn’t seem credible that such a creditable person would say such a horrible thing.
  50. At first, there was only one criterion for becoming Chairperson, but then, suddenly, the Party imposed several other criteria.
  51. I kept a weekly diary during those years that I worked on the dairy farm.
  52. If you wish to seem demure, you will have to demur less forcefully.
  53. Any cool dessert would taste great out here in the sandy desert.
  54. The prisoner tried to devise a clever device to help him escape.
  55. She though her dog would die after it drank that bowl of blue dye.
  56. They kept their love affair discreet by living discrete lives.
  57. A judge should be disinterested and not uninterested.
  58. It was part of the government’s economic strategy to direct the military to purchase the most economical material available.
  59. We should elect a president before he selects members of the cabinet.
  60. How did the politicians plan to elicit these obviously illicit funds without getting caught?
  61. They were afraid that his eminent figure in world politics was in imminent danger of being killed.
  62. He wanted to carve an epigram that he had seen used as an epigraph for his grandfather’s epitaph.
  63. He liked bugs and studied entomology; his friend liked words and went into etymology.
  64. He especially likes coffee ice-cream. Every week, his wife buys some specially for him.
  65. We use our everyday dishes every day.
  66. The document now makes explicit what had been only implicit in the cunning eyes of the negotiator.
  67. To what extent have they searched for the extant manuscripts of the Diwan-e-Ghalib?
  68. Nothing seemed to faze her as she went through the most critical phase of her life.
  69. I can run farther than you, but let’s discuss that further after the race.
  70. She has fewer complaints, but she has less energy.
  71. Formerly, we met formally to discuss these matters.
  72. The soldiers of the fourth regiment bravely went forth.
  73. A portrait of the culprit who was hanged last week was hung on the wall.
  74. Food can be called healthful if it helps us to live a healthy life.
  75. The heroine of the movie died of an overdose of heroin.
  76. In less than an hour, the voters in our town are going to vote for us.
  77. In his speech, he made an allusion to the illusion that life is a bed of roses.
  78. They have immigrated to this city from all over Asia; later on, they may decide to emigrate elsewhere.
  79. The incidence of incidents involving robbery has become intolerable.
  80. He was incredulous that his brother could perform such incredible feats.
  81. The tyrant inflicted great hardship on the people. They felt afflicted with his harsh regime.
  82. Her naïve and ingenuous mother expressed amazement that her daughter could create such an ingenious demonstration for the science fair.
  83. In the intense heat, the team of scientists did an intensive study of the extensive crop damage.
  84. My latest book “Spoken English” was published last year.
  85. As he led his soldiers into battle, his feet seemed made of lead.
  86. The lightning striking all around them, the sailors proceeded in their task of lightening the ship.
  87. My shoes are so loose that I’m going to lose them.
  88. A luxuriant garden was planted on the grounds of the most luxurious hotel in town.
  89. Hamid and Zubda thought that studying the martial arts, like judo, would improve their marital relationship.
  90. He hardly deserves a medal, nor did he show true mettle when he tried to meddle in our affairs.
  91. The moral of this story is that the morale of the business team is very important.
  92. My grandfather, a naval officer, was killed when he was struck in the navel by the cannonball.
  93. Now that you know that no one is at home, walk right in.
  94. He made an oral commitment to speak on the biological aural aspects of listening. He has extraordinary verbal skills.
  95. The lawyers walked around the perimeter of the estate as they discussed the parameters of the case.
  96. The doctors must have patience in dealing with the patients in the hospital.
  97. The period of peace between the two wars is an interesting piece of history.
  98. He was poring over his books when he accidentally poured coffee all over his papers.
  99. The high school principal said today that principal problem with today’s youth is their lack of moral principle.
  100. During the reign of Charles-I, it was against the law to use a leather rein during the rain.
  101. Her poetry is quite sensuous. In fact, some people find it quite sensual.