75 Information Technology (IT) Interview Questions | Get ready for IT Jobs

There are various information technology related jobs having different job titles and salaries, depending on nature of work. To acquire job one has to pass through the process of test/interview. During interview of IT job, in addition to common interview questions, you will also be asked specific and technical IT interview questions. The employer will want to job related knowledge, technical skills and experience.

Prepare for the interview keeping in view the job qualifications, required skills, and experiences. Firstly, take job technical requirements that employer is looking for. Devise a list and start preparation accordingly.

Also go through the given list of IT interview questions. While answering these questions during interview, give examples(if required) and try to answer the questions according to situation. The questions may vary depending upon employer and job position.

Here are 75 important IT job interview questions which will be helpful in interview preparation for different job positions of information technology.

IT Manager Interview Questions

IT Managers oversee, maintain and improve IT system operations. They’re also responsible for implementing new computer systems within budget and time limitations to meet company needs.

1. What are the main duties of an IT Manager?

2. Tell about your recent project on which you worked and made it faster and efficient.

3. If you have been assigned a task which is touching latest technology, what will be your strategy to start?

4. How can you make improvement in IT infrastructure?

5. How will you handle your team members?

6. What steps would you make for new hardware and software?

7. How do you updated your latest technology related skills?

8. Mention your most favorite and least favorite technology products?

9. What kind of technology-related blogs or trends do you follow? Do you share any information online?

10. How to ensure effective use of technology for efficient performance?

System Administrator

11. Have you ability to troubleshoot the system?

12. If try to fix a problem such as passwords not working for a specific group of users, but your attempt fails. What would you do?

13. Tell us about your strengths of technical skills.

14. What are required components of Windows Server for installing Exchange?

15. Can you manage Active Directory Services like adding and configuring new workstations and setting up user accounts to provide authorizations.

16. What is the subnet for a class C network?

17. Have you configured a NIS server/client before? Briefly describe the procedure.

18. How to configure a NFS server?

19. What are RAID level 2?

20. What are the standard port numbers for IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, and Global Catalog?

21. Tell briefly about SMTP, POP, IMAP, and OWA.

22. What is the maximum amount of databases that can be hosted on Exchange 2003 Enterprise?

23. What are IPv6 fundamentals?

24. What do you know about patching and upgrading of Operating System and software?

25. Do you know about scheduled tasks such as Backup, AD DS Backup?

 Network Administrator

Some of these questions may resemble from previous category for System Administrator.

25. How do you update yourself technical knowledge and skills?

26. What is HTTP and what port does it use?

27. What is SSH and what port does it use?

28. What kinds of skills you have for troubleshooting the system?

28. What do you know about IP classes?

29. What do you know about proxy server and firewall?

30. What is the difference between a hub, switch, and router?

31. What is the difference between TCP and UDP?

32. How do you distinguish a DNS problem from a network problem?

33. How do you set a default route on an IOS Cisco router?

34. What do you know about port forwarding?

35. What is simple network management tool?

36. What is a MAC address and how to find it?

37. What is ARP/RARP?

38. What other TCP setting can you modify besides MTU to shorten packets?

39. Have you any experience in configuration management?

40. What kind of latest tools you prefer for making system efficient and faster and why?

Entry-Level/Help Desk Questions

Help Desk Job positions are entry level jobs in the field of IT. Find out the answers, memorize these questions and practice explaining them in your own words.

41. What is network?

42. What is importance of customer services?

43. What IT skills are needed for Help Desk position?

44. What technical and other skills do you possess for Help Desk job?

45. Have previously dealt with a frustrated customer and what was your reaction?

46. What are the best things you like for Help Desk Assistant?

47. What kind of patience and communication skills needed to deal with customers?

48. Have you problem solving ability?

49. How can you adapt yourself in different types of situations?

50. Are you willing to implement and learn new techniques for efficient working?

Technical IT Support Interview Questions

51. Technical support knowledge or customer service, which is important?

52. What kinds of tools are required to identify the problems and solve them?

53. What you learned from previous Technical Support Job?

54. Have you experience of adding new hardware to the system?

55. Have you any experience of any adding new software or upgrading existing software in the system?

56. What is DHCP?

57. How to configure Active Directory Services?

58. What is the difference between OLAP and OLTP? What is their use?

59. What is an interrupt?

60. What is TCP/IP?

61. Compare and contrast REST and SOAP web services.

62. In network security, what is a honey pot, and why is it used?

63. What are transaction logs, and how are they used?

64. What were you doing when the system failed?

General Job Related Questions

These common job related questions may not easy as it sounds. These also require solid preparation. Some questions may be tricky and tough but all depends upon your practice and preparation.

65. Tell us about yourself.

66. Are you able to handle stressful situation?

67. Are you currently holding a job and why are you leave that one?

68. What do you expect from this job?

69. Mention your strengths.

70. Mention your weaknesses.

71. Do you think yourself able to get this job, why?

72. What do you know about your company?

73. How do you perform as a team member?

74. What are your salary expectations?

75. Tell us about your short and long term goals?