3 Easy and Smart Ways To Make Money While You Study

Studying for exams is stressful enough without having to worry about money. Unfortunately, the size of student debt is increasing with students borrowing more money to cover costs — the average monthly student loan payment increased from $227 in 2005 to $393 in 2016, according to the Federal Reserve. If you’re like most students, you’re looking for ways to boost your income and reduce debt. But the standard retail and hospitality jobs don’t always accommodate your busy, sometimes erratic schedule. Fortunately, there are plenty other ways you can make money and still have adequate time to study for your exams. The following job ideas will let you stay in control of your study schedule and provide you with decent extra spending money.


Pet owners who spend a lot of time traveling or at work often need a good pet sitter they can rely on. As a pet sitter, you may be needed to take the dog for a morning walk or look after the cat for the evening. Pet sitting is ideal for students as you can often just sit and look after the animal while studying at the same time. You can apply to become a pet sitter through websites online. You could also ask around local vets and pet stores about whether they know of a customer or client in need of a sitter. The job does usually require you to gain qualifications before you can start.


Being a mystery shopper is a flexible job idea for students. Many independent agencies employ mystery shoppers to anonymously visit shops, restaurants, or banks etc in order to assess if they meet essential standards (including, tidiness, hygiene, and customer service). Pay differs depending on the employer. In many instances, you’ll be allocated a budget and allowed to keep what you buy — so make sure you spend it on things you actually need and want! Afterwards, you have to submit a report detailing your experience and findings.


There are plenty of ways you can teach English as a foreign language to students. This job can even be easily done over video chat from the comfort of your own room. Some places require qualifications, but others are more casual and just require you to be friendly and make conversation. Alternatively, you could also tutor high school students in your degree subject. Parents who want their children to do well in exams will often pay good money for a tutor. You can give tutelage sessions during times that fit around your study schedule. Plus teaching can be a rewarding, enjoyable job. You get to set your own rates. If you have experience or a highly-specialized degree, you can charge more.


Finding ways to make money easily while studying for exams don’t have to be a challenge. The above job ideas provide good money without interfering too much with your jam-packed schedule. Moreover, you’ll be free to set your own schedule and timetable study sessions when it best suits you.