11 Best Book Reading Lights for All Type of Readers

For devoted readers, a book light is better than any gadget, it resembles a companion that stays with you during late dark night reading. The best part is that the best book lights must have an eye-care soft mellow lights which creates a private space for you without disturbing your bedroom’s partners.

Before you go to select a best reading light, the following features may be observed before purchasing the light.

  • Is LED light is lighting up the entire book, not harmful to your eyes and does not create any disturbance to your roommate during late night reading?
  • Procedure of battery replacement is easy or difficult (if necessary)?
  • Are brightness level buttons in a convenient place for frequent changes?
  • Is LED light has strong strapping clamps?
  • LED book reading light is compact, durable and portable or otherwise?
  • Is its’ battery life is sufficient?
  • Check its light intensity.
  • It must have a flexible neck which permits you to adjust its position and focus as per your requirement.
  • Fast charging or not?
  • What is the best book light for reading in bed? (in case of searching reading light for bed)

After having been comprehensive assessments, we would like to suggest you the below-mentioned LED book lights for your consideration

Fulcrum, LED Book Reading Light, Best Book Light for everyone.

Fulcrum, LED Book Reading Light

It is a multipurpose bright LED light having strong strapping clamps that provide better efficiency especially when you are working in a limited space. It is the finest gift for book readers, laptops and tablets’ users.
LED Floodlight technology is utilized during manufacturing of this one, which provides broad area exposure.

03 Energy efficient bulbs are used which extend the battery life and never get sizzling during long time utilization. You can carry it anywhere due to its compact size.

  • It is attractive having multi-flex clips
  • Admirable for reading, crafting, typing, travel and multipurpose uses
  • Easy to carry due to lightweight
  • Bright LED light which gives you better brightness efficiency
  • Strapping clamp lights gives hand free solution especially when you are working on motor vehicles or in limited spaces where you can’t make your grip on the light.
  • Provide ease of use due to its 12-inch flexible neck
  • Energy-efficient due to extensive battery life


  • Multiple purposes use besides reading
  • Strong Clamp works equally well on books and clipboards
  • Better battery life
  • A cheap LED book light
  • It’s extremely bright!


  • Its clip has limited opening
  • LED provides a small targeted light source

LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light

Rechargeable Warm & White LED Book Light

It has quickly adjustable brightness with three modes and each mode has three levels. It has eye-care soft mellow light which creates a private space for you without disturbing your bedroom’s partner. It is an ideal choice for reading when you are on bed or during journey time. It has 1000 MAH Li-ion battery that provides 60 hours reading time without charging.

A standard USB cable is also included in this pack so don’t worry about purchasing any extra USB cable. This light is a good solution for camping.

  • 1000 MAH Li-ion battery
  • Quickly adjustable brightness
  • Standard USB cable is also included in pack
  • Perfect for home, camping, hotel, car, airplane, etc.
  • Light weighted i.e. 2.15 OZ
  • Flexible neck which permits you to adjust its position and focus as per your requirement
  • Eye care soft light


  • Exceptional quality light for reading.
  • The pleasant warm tone which provides excellent contrast for reading.
  • 3 power modes (Off/Low/High)
  • Can be used as a room lamp
  • Long Battery life
  • It can work at all angles and it’s setting for glow is great for all times.


  • Light’s neck may not remain upright and stable
  • No blue light on complete charging
  • Begins to dim after sometime

CeSunlight, around the neck reading light

Rechargeable LED Book Light

CeSunlight Rechargeable LED Book Light

This LED book light is portable, compact, durable and lightweight (3 ounces). It has flexible and strong silicone arms and safe to utilize. This book light has a powerful rechargeable 700mAH Lithium battery which consumes only 03 hours to charge which saves your time and money as well. It has one spotlight and one wide-angle LED.

  • 700mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery, 6-8 hours battery life with lofty glow and 10 hours with a usual glow.
  • Strong steel flexible arms covered with soft Silicone.
  • 3-once weight.
  • Compact, lightweight, portable and durable.
  • Total 4 LEDs and brightness levels (1st Click – wide angle Light, 2nd Click – Spotlight, 3rd Click – Spot & Wide light, 4th Click – Off).


  • Fabulous reading light
  • Hands-free flexible light
  • Best for night time reading
  • CeSunlight has an integrated rechargeable battery
  • 03 light brightness options


  • No setting that provides enough diffuse light
  • 02 distinct spotlights instead of one merged light
  • Lights become dim too much to read after some usage

Energizer Clip on Book Light

Energizer Clip Book Light for Reading

This light is superior for finest reading as it releases warm and white light. It also provide enormous illumination so, you have no need to purchase and carrying an extra flashlight. It has compact size (13mm thick) and flexible neck. Easily adjust on book, tablet, car or any other exterior.

  • Wide range LED light.
  • Collapsible rubber neck and compact design.
  • Perfect for traveling due to light weight .
  • Lithium coin cell batteries which provides more than 10 hours reading time.
  • Easily clip on books, tablets, car or any other exterior.
  • Ideal gifts for students, teachers and other personalities.


  • Bright, durable, and flexible.
  • Light weight, suitable while traveling or in a bedroom having no lamp.
  • On/Off switch is a slide switch.
  • Clip grabs few pages.


  • Very short battery life and difficult to change battery.
  • On regular use, LED grows diffuse and expire after few months.

LuminoLite, Best reading light for bed

LuminoLite BK-07 3000K Warm LED

A valuable gift for night readers without disturbing your bedroom’s partner. It is fully mobile reading lamp having rechargeable 1000 mAh battery. You can easily adjust this light due to its flexible and adjustable neck. Light level can also be changeable due to availability of 6 bright LEDs and 3 brightness settings.

This light is made up of optimum quality material within low possible cost. It can be an ideal gift on mothers’ day to say thanks on remarkable sacrifice of your mother.

  • 6 LEDs and 3 brightness levels.
  • 1000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • It has 3 power modes
  • Light up 2 full pages due to eye-care soft diffused light
  • Its flexible neck provide an easy way to focus on any particular point
  • Helpful for students especially for kid’s reading, music stand and many more
  • A standard android micro USB is also included in this pack.


  • Soft light like a good luminous light
  • Adjustable soft neck
  • A best gift for students
  • Its design permits full light enough for whole page
  •  It uses a micro USB so no special charger is essential
  • Fast charging
  • Solid clamp can easily holds tight to the top of book


  • After frequent usage, On/Off button does not working well
  • Its charging port is baggy and feel like it will crack after few usage

LuminoLite, Rechargeable LED Book Light

LuminoLite Rechargeable 7 LED Book Light

LuminoLite Rechargeable book light is an ideal gift for bookworms and kids. It has 1000 MAH Li-Ion battery that’s why you can enjoy 60 hours reading without any tension of charging it again and again.
It has three power modes and standard Android micro-USB is also included in this pack, so you don’t need to find any compatible USB cable for charging.

It is lightweight (2.15 OZ), flexible neck and suitable for clipping your book. This book light does not create any hindrances to your bedroom’s partner during late night hours. It is perfect for kid’s reading, camping, and other tasks.

  • 1000mAh Rechargeable battery, 60 hours battery life with usual glow.
  • Compact, lightweight, portable, durable and perfect for camping.
  • Best quality material is used during manufacturing.
  • Color heat is 3000K-6000K.
  • It gives evenly distributed and steady light without any sparkling.


  • Perfect gift for Christmas
  • 3 different types of light  such as, warm, warm white, and cool white and each type has 3 different light intensities
  • Flexible neck helps to adjust in optimal position


  • Light doesn’t hold charging very long, even when not in use

WITHit, Best reading light for kids

LED Book Light by French Bull

French Bull LED book light is an ideal gift for students and kids’ reading. It has easily replaceable battery, flexible neck and reduced glare. This book light is portable and lightweight so you can easily carry during traveling.

  • Portable and light weight i.e. 2.4 ounces with 8.5 x 1.5 x 4 inches dimension
  • It has easy replicable battery
  • Flexible and adjustable neck design


  • No damages on wrapping
  • Best gift for friends and family members
  • Lighting up the entire book and it doesn’t harm for your eyes
  • Easily turn On/Off with a single push button


  • Sometime battery problem arises
  • Adjustment on proper angle is fruitfulness

LuminoLite, Mighty Bright Book Light

Mighty Bright Rechargeable light is a better quality LED book light which provide best quality color rendering and reliable light. It has 2 bright white LEDs, soft silicon gooseneck and powerful battery which continuous illumination up to 60 hours at lowest glow and 10 hours at highest glow settings.

  • 2 bright white LEDs rated for 100,000 hour
  • It has powerful clip and adjustable neck
  • Micro USB recharging cable is included in this pack
  • Light distributed evenly
  • Long battery life up to 60 hours on lowest glow
  • Its clip easily affixes to books and periodicals


  • Lightweight due to use of a USB-rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • A variable dimmer
  • Clip holds good to hardcover and paperback
  • Battery life is good


  • It has bulky and weak clip
  • Not enough light for reading during dark night

LuminoLite, Best reading light for bed

Warm LED Bookmark Book Reading in Bed

LuminoLite 3000K Warm LED Bookmark Book Reading in Bed

This book reading LED light has 30% extra-large capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery which provides lighting up to 8 hours after one hour charging. 3000K warm SMD LED technology is used which provides appropriate light color temperature for eye-care reading during late night. It has four adjustable brightness level, so, it is a valuable gift for night readers without disturbing your kids and life partner.

  • Eye care soft light
  • 30% extra-large capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery, no worried about extra battery
  • Compact and light weight (1.5 OZ)
  • Built-in USB cable
  • 3000K Warm LED
  • Soft rubber coated flexible metal neck


  • 4 brightness levels are convenient
  • Quality of materials is exceptional
  • Easily bend, yet keeps its position
  • Soft light that shines on both pages
  • Seller also provide good customer support


  • Stop working after few month utilization
  • It’s too bulky to read with at night

LEPOWER, Best Clip on Book Light

Reading Light/ Light Color Changeable/ Night Light Clipon for Desk

LEPOPOWER Clip on Light/Reading Light

It is comfortable, ultra bright and non-flickering light which reduce your eye exhaustion during late night reading. It has two color temperature modes such as, white light and warm light. Its light holder and arm freely angle adjustable that give you perfect light as per your requirement.

  • Imported strong metal body and ultra bright light
  • Perfect for table, desk, computers and bed headboard.
  • Adjustable arm and lamp holder
  • Can be utilized with standard 110V household current


  • Best LED light especially designed for desks or furniture
  • 2 levels of light intensity, useful during day and  night
  • Very strong clamp


  • Its clip is little bit inflexible
  • Bulbs burn out after few month usage
  • USB connection is very loose

W-LITE, Best LED Book Light

An adjustable light that you can place anywhere, however, especially designed for bed headboard, desk, table, bookshelf, etc. It provides comfortable and non-flickering light with two options such as, cool white and warm white. An ideal gift for mom, life partner, friends and other family members.

  • 360 degree flexible metal gooseneck
  • Avoid with eyes fatigue due to not flickering and dizzy light
  • It has multi-functional adjustable clip having maximum opening width is 2.4”
  • Steadier than battery rechargeable light with USB Port connect to a computer or power bank having maximum length is 59 inches


  • It has two light options i.e. cool white and warm white, whichever you prefer
  • It has a strong clip, so, the lamp will not be sliding around
  • Its clip is also padded, so, it doesn’t scratch your furniture
  • Its cord is long enough


  • Light is little bit weighted
  • Quality of dimmer switch is low
  • Light start flickering after few months usage

Over to you

Since you are careful with the best book lights available in markets, this reading lights review may inspire you to pick up one of the best book light for late-night reading.

In any case, before you spend your valuable cash on purchasing your desirable item, you must be notice the above mentioned features.

Now, what is your choice? Leave the comment below!

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