What is an examination?

Definition of Examination

Examination can defined as a test which is conducted by the schools, colleges and universities to assess the knowledge of a student in that particular area on which examination has been held. After the whole year of teaching and imparting education, different thoughts are provided to the students by teachers/instructors and in this way they assess the student what they have learnt so far. If the student fails or unable to clear the examination, he/she is required to reappear again and is expected to perform better. If the student did not succeed again, he is not considered to award the certificate/degree. These Certificates/Degrees are awarded after successful completion of the examination that help the students in the future to take up the jobs of their choice.

The exams are conducted to asses understanding and learning power of student. If a student succeed all the exams through his education career, he/she can be useful citizen, a good person and can serve better for his/her country, nation and society.

In its broader sense, besides the schools, colleges and universities, examinations exist in various kinds and in almost every part of life. For example, after acquiring certificate/degree, you have to take exam/test for getting some job after getting job you may have to take test/exam for your promotion and so on. For entering in any field of life you have to pass the exam/test of that particular field.