VU Entry Test MS(CS) – Practice Test MCQs

Virtual University entry test for MS(CS) will be held on 28.09.2017. Below are some practice MCQs for VU entry test. This practice test can be helpful in your preparation.

Q.1. The ASCII Code (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a _____ code

  • 2-bit
  • 7-bit 
  • 10-bit
  • 16-bit

Q.2. Linux uses ___________ directory to store system configuration files.

  • /bin
  • /dev
  • /boot
  • /etc

Q.3. S-R latch can be implemented by using _________ gates

  • AND, OR
  • NOT, XOR

Q.4. ________ is/are used to access information hidden within an object?

  • Interface
  • Private data members
  • Private member functions
  • Both public and private members

Q.5. What is the total time to heapify?

  • Ο(log n)
  • Ο(n log n)
  • Ο(n2 log n)
  • Ο(log2 n)

Q.6. Strictly increasing arrays are ______________ input for quick sort.

  • The worst-case
  • The best-case
  • Average case
  • Neither

Q.7. Strictly increasing arrays are ______________ input for quick sort

  • The worst-case
  • The best-case
  • Average case
  • None of the given

Q.8. In Quick sort, we don’t have the control over the sizes of recursive calls

  • True
  • False
  • Less information to decide
  • Either true or false

Q.9. In while loop, the loop counter must be initialized ____________.

  • Within the loop
  • Before entering the loop
  • At the end of the loop
  • after the loop execution is ended

Q.10. Given below are some statements associated with data flow diagrams. Which one is correct statement?

  • Data flow is made use of to model what systems do.
  • Flows of data can take place from a process to a sink.
  • All processes have to be levelled or decomposed.
  • Context diagram shows the major system processes.

Q.11. A range is often supplied to an algorithm by two _______ values.

  • Italic
  • Iteration
  • Iterator
  • Container

Q.12. If  r1  = (aa + bb) and r2 = ( a + b) then the language  (a + b)* (aa + bb)* will be generated by

  • (r2)(r1)
  • (r1 + r2)*
  • (r2)*(r1)*
  • (r1)*

Q.13. Which of the following applications may use a stack?                                                                

  • Accessing shared resource
  • Parentheses balancing program
  • Buffering messages
  • Waiting list

Q.14. Suppose that an integer type pointer contains a memory address 0x22f230. What will be the new memory address if we increment this pointer by one?

  • 0x22f231
  • 0x22f234
  • 0x22f226
  • 0x22f238

Q.15. What will be the output of the given program code ?

#include <iostream.h>



int num[2][3] = {5, 7, 2, 1, 9, 6};



return 0;


  • 5, 2
  • 5, 7
  • 5, 1
  • 5, 5

Q.16. Which of the following is created by “Database Management System” for its usage?

  • Integrated Data Dictionary
  • Free Standing Data Dictionary
  • Cross Reference Matrix
  • Weak Entity

Q.17. An Astable multivibrator is known as a/an __________.

  • Oscillator
  • Booster
  • One-Shot
  • Dual-shot

Q.18. The value returned by the eof() function is of __________ type.

  • Integer
  • Float
  • Character
  • Boolean

Q.19. A _________ is considered as a special type of pointer which contains address of a memory location.

  • Function
  • Structure
  • Reference
  • Class

Q.20. A static function

  • should be called when an object is destroyed.
  • is closely connected to an individual object of a class.
  • can be called using the class name followed by function name.
  • is used when a dummy object must be created.

Q.21. Consider the following infix expression:

x – y * a + b / c

Which of the following is a correct equivalent expression for the above?

  1. x y  -a  *    b  +c  /
  2. x *y  a  –  b  c  /  +
  3. x y  a  *  –  b  c  /  +
  4. x y  a  *  –  b/  +  c

Q.22. A tree is an example of :

  • List
  • Linked List
  • Linear Data Structure
  • Non Linear Data Structure

Q.23. The cyclomatic complexity metric provides the designer with information regarding the number of ___________.

  • Statements in the program
  • Cycles in the program
  • Errors in the program
  • Independent logic paths in the program

Q.24. ________ ensures that a class only has one instance and provides a global point of access to it.

  • Behavioral Pattern
  • Joint Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Observer Pattern

Q.25. Testing activities require destructive instincts in __________ for the purpose of breaking system to discover loopholes into its functionality.

  • Bug Fixers
  • Tester
  • Developer
  • Requirement Engineer

Q.26. Trailer is only added at ________layer of OSI model.

  • Data link
  • Physical
  • Network
  • Application

Q.27.  A __________ is the most familiar type of a _________.

  • Modem, DCE
  • Modem, DTE

Q.28. Cyclomatic complexity is used in _______ to analyze the relative complexity of program.

  • Black-box testing
  • Unit Testing
  • White-box testing
  • Integrated Testing

Q.29. “Only one process may use a resource at a time” best describes which one of the following?

  • Circular wait
  • Hold and wait
  • No preemption
  • Mutual Exclusion

Q.30. Using ____________ technique, MUX adds extra bits to data.

  • Bit Stuffing
  • Decompression
  • Switching
  • Exchanging

Q.31. YMODEM uses __________  for Error Checking.

  • CRC-4
  • CRC-8
  • CRC-16
  • CRC-32

Q.32. Which of the following feature allows many users to use a DBMS at the same time?

  • Robustness
  • Concurrency
  • Scalability
  • Efficiency

Q.33. Which of the following data is already stored and NOT created when needed?

  • Calculated data
  • Actual data
  • Virtual data
  • Statistical data
  • Derived data

Q.34.  Identify the operator which cannot be used in comparison of select statement.

  • <
  • =
  • ” ~ “
  • >

Q.35. The Huffman encoding algorithm is a ____________

  • Dynamic and greedy algorithm
  • Divide and conquer and greedy algorithm
  • Geedy algorithm.
  • Dynamic programming algorithm

Q.36. The alternate solution for a multiplexer and a register circuit is _________

  • Parallel in / Serial out shift register
  • Serial in / Parallel out shift register
  • Parallel in / Parallel out shift register
  • Serial in / Serial Out shift register

Q.37. In which quadrant,the point with coordinates (–3, –21) lies?

  • Quadrant II
  • Quadrant III
  • Quadrant IV
  • Quadrant I

Q.38. The probability of a student to get the first or second division is 4/10. The student will get less than 2nd division is:

  • 2/10
  • 4/10
  • 6/10
  • 9/10

Q.39. Although mosquitoes may not seem as scary as larger, more powerful animals, they are far more dangerous to human beings. But things are changing. It is highly likely that one day scientists will find a way to keep everyone safe from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

 Which of the following best summarizes the information in the above paragraph?

  • Mosquito nets provide adequate protection from deadly mosquitoes.
  • Poisons and sprays provide adequate protection from deadly mosquitoes.
  • The introduction of the mosquito’s natural enemies provides adequate protection from deadly mosquitoes.
  • There is no perfect solution to the mosquito problem.

Q.40. Select the option which is most similar in meaning to the given word:


  • Celebrate
  • Blur
  • Residue
  • Gloat

Q.41. Answer the question based on the information in the paragraph below.

When we are young, we learn that tigers and sharks are dangerous animals. We might be scared of them because they are big and powerful. As we get older, however, we learn that sometimes the most dangerous animals are also the smallest animals. In fact, the animal that kills the most people every year is one that you have probably killed yourself many times: the mosquito.

According to the author, some people are more afraid of tigers and sharks than mosquitoes because tigers and sharks:

  • are found all over the world
  • kill more people than mosquitoes
  • are big and powerful
  • have no natural enemies

Q.42. Select the option which is most opposite in meaning to the given word.


  • Report
  • Proposal
  • Record
  • Speech

Q.43. Select the option which is most similar in meaning to the given word.


  • Careful
  • Tactful
  • Thoughtful
  • Crude

Q.44  Choose the correct option.

The two artists differed markedly in their temperaments; Palmer was reserved and courteous, Frazer ____ and boastful.

  • phlegmatic
  • choleric
  • constrained
  • tractable

Q.45. Answer the question based on the information in the paragraph below.

Have you ever wondered what keeps a hot air balloon flying? The same principle that keeps food frozen in the open chest freezers at the grocery store allows hot air balloons to fly. It’s a very basic principle: hHot air rises and cold air falls. So while the super-cooled air in the grocery store freezer settles down around the food, the hot air in a hot air balloon pushes up, keeping the balloon floating above the ground.

According to the information provided which of the following is TRUE?.

  • Hot air falls and cold air falls too.
  • Hot air rises and cold air falls.
  • Hot air falls and cold air rises.
  • Hot air rises and cold air rises too.

Q.46. Answer the question based on the information in the paragraph below.

We associate certain names with certain shapes of the moon. For example, when we can see a small part of the moon, it is called a crescent moon. When we cannot see the moon at all, it is called a new moon. When we can see the entire moon, it is called a full moon. Usually, there is only one full moon every month. Sometimes, however, there will be two full moons in one month. When this happens, the second full moon is called a “blue moon.”

When does a blue moon happen in nature?

  • When there are two full moons in one month
  • When the moon has a blue color
  • When we cannot see the moon at all
  • When we can only see a small part of the moon

Q.47.  Alam wanted to join the air force _____ his parents did not allow him to.

  • if
  • or
  • but
  • either

Q.48. Let x is the mean of 3/2 and 5/3 and y is the mean of 2 and 5/7.  Which of the following is the appropriate answer ?

  • x>y
  • x<y
  • x=y
  • None of these

Q.49. Determine the maximum integer value of ‘n’ for which 5n+3<-20

  • -8
  • -7
  • -6
  • -5

Q.50.  Select the option which is most opposite in meaning to the given word:


  • Inactive
  • Peripheral
  • Ventral
  • Central

Q.51. Select the option which is most opposite in meaning to the given word:


  • Criticise
  • Flatter
  • Fear
  • Praise

Q.52. Answer the question based on the information in the statement below.

As the summer sun sent scattered rays through the maple and oak leaves overhead, the young deer stood frozen, making it almost impossible for the hikers to see her.
In the above passage, the word “frozen” means _______.

  • not moving
  • very cold
  • visible
  • not melted

Q.53. Select the option which is most similar in meaning to the given word :


  • Friend
  • Fatalist
  • Hardworking
  • Companion in crime

Q.54. Select the option which is most similar in meaning to the given word :


  • Balcony
  • Outer garment
  • Honor
  • Drink

Q.55. Choose the correct option.

 George Orwell —— a writer, ——– novels are very popular.

  • was ….whom
  • is … whose
  • is … who’s
  • has … whose

Q.56. Choose the correct option.

Khalid should be ——— to complain, since his salary is ———- with his productivity.

  • loath … commensurate
  • foolish … proportionate
  • brought … alleviated
  • right … balanced

Q.57. Choose the correct option.

 His son is very naughty; he is unable to ——– him.

  • deal
  • deal in
  • deal out
  • deal with

Q.58. Choose the correct antonym of the given word out of the four choices.


  • Achieve
  • Accept
  • Expand
  • Abridge

Q.59. Answer the question based on the information in the given paragraph.

It has been suggested that long-term prisoners, on release from jail, be given a reasonable state pension to reduce the likelihood of their resorting to crime. Most people instinctively reject the suggestion as they feel it would be like rewarding criminal activity.

The supporters of the prisoners’ pension scheme have criticized those who reject this possibility, by claiming that for the critics __________________.

Which of the following is the most logical completion of the above given sentence?

  • emotion is more important than justice
  • punishment for criminals is more important than crime prevention
  • crime prevention is not an important issue
  • money has too high a value

Q.60. Answer the question based on the information in the given paragraph .

A fruit known as amla in certain parts of Asia is an excellent source of vitamin C. A small quantity of the fruit grated and added to salads provides almost all the daily requirement of this vitamin. However, the fruit is very sour. A new process designed to remove most of the sour taste will make the fruit acceptable to American tastes. We are therefore starting to grow this fruit for sale in the United States.

The argument above assumes all of the following EXCEPT:

  • Americans generally won’t eat very sour foods.
  • The new process does not remove a significant part of the vitamin content.
  • That a market exists for a new source of vitamin C.
  • The fruit can be used only in salads.

Q.62. Read the passage given below and answer the question by choosing the appropriate option on the basis of what is implied or stated.

 Absence of a comprehensive national cotton policy has caused farmers and ginners in Pakistan to suffer a loss of around PK Rs. 200 billion, which pushed cotton farmers, who used to do the early sowing in February, to shift to growing potatoes and sunflowers.

In which month did usually Pakistan farmers use to do the early sowing of cotton?

  • March
  • January
  • December
  • February

Q.63. Answer the question based on the information in the paragraph below.

A flea has a very hard exoskeleton, which means the body is covered by a tough, tile-like plate called a sclerite. Because of these plates, fleas are almost impossible to squish. The exoskeletons of fleas are also waterproof and shock resistant, and therefore fleas are highly resistant to the sprays and chemicals used to kill them.

According to the passage, fleas are resistant to sprays and chemicals because they:

  • have waterproof sclerites.
  • are excellent jumpers.
  • reproduce very rapidly.
  • can stick to fur like Velcro.

Q.64. Answer the question based on the information in the paragraph below.

When it comes to work boots, durability is paramount. The hard workers at Rival know that; we pride ourselves on creating boots that last a lifetime. That’s why we’re making the following offer to all new customers: buy any new pair of Rival boots and get yourself a second pair at half price.

As used in the passage, which is the best antonym for paramount?

  • inferior
  • boring
  • pathetic
  • trivial

Q.65. Select the pair of words given against A, B, C, D which has the same relation as between the given pair of words.


  • Settle: Argument
  • Incorporate: Company
  • Rescue: Victim
  • Recycle: Newspaper

Q.66. Select the pair of words given against A, B, C, D which has the same relation as between the given pair of words.


  • Running: Jumping
  • Investigating: Discovering
  • Reading: Writing
  • Dancing: Swimming

Q.67. The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 48. What is the smallest of these numbers?

  • 12
  • 14
  • 6
  • 8

Q.68. What is the value of x if x/5 + 1/3 = – x/5 ?

  • x=5
  • x=-5
  • x = – 5/6
  • x = 5/6

Q.69. If the base of a rectangle is increased by 50 % and its altitude is decreased by 30 % . Then, its area is :

  • decreased by 20 %
  • increased by 10 %
  • increased by 5 %
  • decreased by 15 %

Q.70. Sum of the polynomials 5x^3+2x^2+-7x+3 ans -6-2x^3+7x^2+6x is

  • 3x^3+9x^2-x=3
  • 3x^3+9x^2-x
  • 3x^3+9x^2-x-3
  • 3x^3+9x^2-x+3

Q.71. A rope is cut into three pieces in the ratio 1:3:5. Given that the length of longest piece is 35m. The length of original piece is

  • 64
  • 61
  • 62
  • 63

Q.72. Divide $ 782 into three parts, in the ratio 6:8:9, then the first part is

  • 200
  • 201
  • 202
  • 204

Q.73. If a^2+b^2=117 and ab=54 , then what the value of (a+b)/(a-b)  is  ———– ?

  • 5
  • 25
  • 10
  • None of these

Q.74. If Salman has 350 balls and Ali has 500 balls then Salman’s balls are what percent of Ali’s balls?

  • 40%
  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 70%

Q.75. (-x5)2+(-x2)5 = ———

  • -2x10
  • (-2x2)5
  • (-2x5)2
  • 0

Q.76 The perimeter of an equilateral triangle is 12. The length of the side is _______

  • 36
  • 4
  • 3
  • 5

Q.77 If pqr=1, rst=0   and  spr=0 which of the following can not be zero?

  • p
  • q
  • r
  • all of these


4/3 of a number is 22,what is 8/3 of that number?

  • 11/9
  • 11/6
  • 2
  • 44


If the number 367x x x94 is divisible by 19, then what will be the value for x?

  • 1
  • 5
  • 19
  • 36

Q.81. The two supplementary angles, in which one is 60o less than twice the other, are ——–.

  • (60o,120o)
  • (40o,140o)
  • (100o,80o)
  • (110o,70o)

Q.82. In how many ways 3 officers of equal rank can be selected from a group of 6 officers of equal rank?

  • 360
  • 240
  • 120
  • 20

Q.83. What would be Length of any side of a Square whose Area is always more than its Perimeter?

  • more than Zero
  • more than 1
  • more than 2
  • more than 4

Q.84. If 5a=7 and 7b=8  The value of a/b = ?

  • 1
  • 49/40
  • 40/49
  • 7/50

Q.85. The tens digit of a number is four times the ones digit. The sum of digits in the number is 5. Find the number?

  • 41
  • 32
  • 14
  • None of these.

Q.86. In a lottery, there are 5 prizes and 15 blanks. A lottery is drawn at random. What is the probability of getting a prize?

  • ½
  • 5/10
  • 2/15
  • 1/3

Q.87. According to Kleene’s Theorem (Part II), in which of the following steps we merge initial states into one?

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

Q.88. When there is no external fragmentation, free memory blocks are scattered on hard disk then _________ is used in order to utilize these blocks for space management.

  • Indexed Allocation
  • Contiguous Allocation
  • Linked Allocation
  • Variable Allocation

Q.89. ISR stands for_______________________.

  • Inter Service Rollback
  • Interrupt Signal Recovery
  • Interrupt Service Routine
  • Interrupt System Runtime

Q.90. In object oriented technique the problem is viewed as:

  • Objects and their interactions
  • Data and Functions
  • Objects and Functions
  • Classes and Functions

Q.91. __________ are responsible for granting access rights to the users of the database.

  • Database Designers
  • Database Administrators
  • End Users
  • Application Programmers

Q.92. Which one is post-order traversal technique?

  • (N, L, R)
  • (N, R, L)
  • (L, N, R)
  • None of given

Q.93. Which traversing method ensures that data will be traverse in ascending order?

  • In-order
  • Pre-order
  • Level-order
  • Post-order

Q.94. _____________ is the process of assigning integral values in a specific range to sampled instances.

  • Binary Encoding
  • PAM
  • Quantization
  • Modulation

Q.95. Separation of implementation from interface provides the facility to restrict the _________ from direct access.

  • Data member
  • Data function
  • Class
  • Object

Q.96. In 32-bit Single-Precision Floating Point format, “exponent” is represented by _________ bits.

  • 8-bits
  • 16-bits
  • 28-bits
  • 32-bits

Q.97. Variable names are ———– addresses

  • Physical
  • Re locatable
  • Relative
  • Symbolic

Q.98. A Moore machine is a collection of __________ things.

  • two
  • three
  • four
  • five

Q.99. If an alphabet has “n” number of letters, then number of strings of length “m” will be ________.

  • n+m
  • (n)(m)
  • mn
  • nm


automata NFA

Above NFA-^ accepts the following string ____________.

  • a
  • baba
  • baaab
  • aaba