All Video Lectures of Virtual University of Pakistan

Links of Video Lectures of all subjects of Virtual University of Pakistan

ACC311 – Fundamentals of AuditingVideo Lectures
ACC501 – Business FinanceVideo Lectures
BIF401 – Bioinformatics IVideo Lectures
BIF402 – Ethical and Legal Issues in BioinformaticsVideo Lectures
BIF501 – Bioinformatics IIVideo Lectures
BIF601 – Bioinformatics Computing IVideo Lectures
BIF720 – ThesisVideo Lectures
BIF731 – Advanced BioinformaticsVideo Lectures
BIF732 – Advanced Computing ApproachesVideo Lectures
BIF733 – Bioinformatics I (Essentials of Genome Informatics)Video Lectures
BIO101 – Basic I-BiologyVideo Lectures
BIO102 – Basic II-ChemistryVideo Lectures
BIO201 – Cell BiologyVideo Lectures
BIO202 – Biochemistry-IVideo Lectures
BIO203 – Methods in Molecular BiologyVideo Lectures
BIO204 – Principles of Biochemical EngineeringVideo Lectures
BIO301 – Essentials of GeneticsVideo Lectures
BIO302 – Molecular BiologyVideo Lectures
BIO303 – Biochemistry IIVideo Lectures
BIO502 – GenomicsVideo Lectures
BIO503 – Biological PhysicsVideo Lectures
BIO601 – ProteomicsVideo Lectures
BIO731 – Advanced Molecular BiologyVideo Lectures
BIO732 – Gene Manipulation and Genetic EngineeringVideo Lectures
BIO733 – Applied BiostatisticsVideo Lectures
BIO734 – Advances in Cell BiologyVideo Lectures
BIT701 – Introduction to ProgrammingVideo Lectures
BIT703 – Database Management SystemsVideo Lectures
BIT710 – Computer NetworkVideo Lectures
BIT715 – Software Project ManagementVideo Lectures
BNK601 – Banking Laws & PracticesVideo Lectures
BNK603 – Consumer BankingVideo Lectures
BNK604 – Management of Financial Institutions (original code=MGT604)Video Lectures
BNK610 – Islamic Banking PracticesVideo Lectures
BNK612 – Financial Jurisprudence in IslamVideo Lectures
BNK701 – Banking Laws & PracticesVideo Lectures
BNK703 – Consumer BankingVideo Lectures
BNK704 – Management of Financial InstitutionsVideo Lectures
BNK725 – Credit & Risk ManagementVideo Lectures
BT101 – Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-IVideo Lectures
BT101 – Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-IVideo Lectures
BT101 – Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-IVideo Lectures
BT101 – Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-IVideo Lectures
BT101 – Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-IVideo Lectures
BT401 – Genetic Resources & ConservationVideo Lectures
BT402 – Microbial BiotechnologyVideo Lectures
BT403 – Agriculture BiotechnologyVideo Lectures
BT406 – Research Methodology & Skill EnhancementVideo Lectures
BT605 – Biosafety & BioethicsVideo Lectures
BT720 – ThesisVideo Lectures
BT731 – Modern Biotechnology: Principles & ApplicationsVideo Lectures
BT732 – Genetics & GenomicsVideo Lectures
BT733 – Bioethics, Biosecurity and BiosafetyVideo Lectures
BT734 – Research Methods in BiotechnologyVideo Lectures
BT735 – Advances in Fermentation TechnologyVideo Lectures
CHE201 – Physical ChemistryVideo Lectures
CHE301 – Analytical Chemistry & InstrumentationVideo Lectures
CS001 – VU-Computer Proficiency LicenseVideo Lectures
CS101 – Introduction to ComputingVideo Lectures
CS201 – Introduction to ProgrammingVideo Lectures
CS202 – Fundamentals of Front End DevelopmentVideo Lectures
CS204 – Cyber LawVideo Lectures
CS206 – Introduction to Network Design & AnalysisVideo Lectures
CS301 – Data StructuresVideo Lectures
CS302 – Digital Logic DesignVideo Lectures
CS304 – Object Oriented ProgrammingVideo Lectures
CS310 – Open Source Web Application Development (PHP, PERL, CGI, Mysql)Video Lectures
CS311 – Introduction to Web Services DevelopmentVideo Lectures
CS312 – Database Modeling and DesignVideo Lectures
CS314 – Introduction to Cellular NetworksVideo Lectures
CS315 – Network SecurityVideo Lectures
CS401 – Computer Architecture and Assembly Language ProgrammingVideo Lectures
CS402 – Theory of AutomataVideo Lectures
CS403 – Database Management SystemsVideo Lectures
CS405 – Database Programming using Oracle 11gVideo Lectures
CS406 – Web Based Database ApplicationsVideo Lectures
CS407 – Routing and SwitchingVideo Lectures
CS408 – Human Computer InteractionVideo Lectures
CS409 – Introduction to Database AdministrationVideo Lectures
CS410 – Visual ProgrammingVideo Lectures
CS411 – Visual ProgrammingVideo Lectures
CS431 – Wireless CommunicationVideo Lectures
CS432 – Network Modeling and SimulationVideo Lectures
CS435 – Cloud ComputingVideo Lectures
CS441 – Big Data ConceptsVideo Lectures
CS501 – Advance Computer ArchitectureVideo Lectures
CS502 – Fundamentals of AlgorithmsVideo Lectures
CS504 – Software Engineering – IVideo Lectures
CS506 – Web Design and DevelopmentVideo Lectures
CS507 – Information SystemsVideo Lectures
CS508 – Modern Programming LanguagesVideo Lectures
CS510 – Software Requirements and SpecificationsVideo Lectures
CS601 – Data CommunicationVideo Lectures
CS602 – Computer GraphicsVideo Lectures
CS603 – Software Architecture and DesignVideo Lectures
CS604 – Operating SystemsVideo Lectures
CS605 – Software Engineering IIVideo Lectures
CS606 – Compiler ConstructionVideo Lectures
CS607 – Artificial IntelligenceVideo Lectures
CS608 – Software Verification and ValidationVideo Lectures
CS609 – System ProgrammingVideo Lectures
CS610 – Computer NetworkVideo Lectures
CS611 – Software Quality EngineeringVideo Lectures
CS614 – Data WarehousingVideo Lectures
CS615 – Software Project ManagementVideo Lectures
CS625 – Professional PracticesVideo Lectures
CS701 – Theory of ComputationVideo Lectures
CS702 – Advanced Algorithms Analysis and DesignVideo Lectures
CS703 – Advanced Operating SystemsVideo Lectures
CS704 – Advanced Computer Architecture-IIVideo Lectures
CS706 – Software Quality AssuranceVideo Lectures
CS707 – Network SecurityVideo Lectures
CS708 – Software Requirement EngineeringVideo Lectures
CS709 – Formal Methods for Software EngineeringVideo Lectures
CS710 – Mobile and Pervasive ComputingVideo Lectures
CS711 – Software DesignVideo Lectures
CS712 – Distributed DBMSVideo Lectures
CS713 – Object Oriented DBMSVideo Lectures
CS716 – Advanced Computer NetworksVideo Lectures
CS718 – Wireless NetworksVideo Lectures
CS721 – Network Performance EvaluationVideo Lectures
CS723 – Probability and Stochastic ProcessesVideo Lectures
CS724 – Software Process ImprovementVideo Lectures
CS726 – Information Retrieval TechniquesVideo Lectures
ECO302 – Principles of MicroeconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO303 – Principles of MacroeconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO401 – EconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO402 – MicroeconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO403 – MacroeconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO404 – Managerial EconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO406 – Mathematical EconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO501 – Development EconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO601 – Business EconometricsVideo Lectures
ECO602 – Forecasting & BudgetingVideo Lectures
ECO603 – International EconomicsVideo Lectures
ECO704 – Managerial EconomicsVideo Lectures
EDU101 – Foundations of EducationVideo Lectures
EDU201 – Learning TheoriesVideo Lectures
EDU301 – General Methods of TeachingVideo Lectures
EDU302 – Human Development and LearningVideo Lectures
EDU303 – Child DevelopmentVideo Lectures
EDU304 – Introduction to Guidance and CounselingVideo Lectures
EDU305 – Classroom ManagementVideo Lectures
EDU401 – Contemporary Issues and Trends in EducationVideo Lectures
EDU402 – Curriculum DevelopmentVideo Lectures
EDU403 – Art, Crafts and CalligraphyVideo Lectures
EDU405 – Classroom AssessmentVideo Lectures
EDU406 – Critical Thinking and reflective PracticeVideo Lectures
EDU410 – Teaching of Literacy SkillsVideo Lectures
EDU411 – Teaching of UrduVideo Lectures
EDU430 – ICT in EducationVideo Lectures
EDU431 – Test Development & EvaluationVideo Lectures
EDU501 – School, Community and TeacherVideo Lectures
EDU505 – Education Development in PakistanVideo Lectures
EDU510 – Teaching of MathematicsVideo Lectures
EDU512 – Teaching of Islamic StudiesVideo Lectures
EDU515 – Teaching of GeographyVideo Lectures
EDU516 – Teaching of EnglishVideo Lectures
EDU601 – Philosophy of EducationVideo Lectures
EDU602 – Educational Leadership and ManagementVideo Lectures
EDU603 – Educational Governance Policy and PracticeVideo Lectures
EDU604 – Comparative EducationVideo Lectures
EDU630 – Research Project – EducationVideo Lectures
EDU654 – Addressing problems of learning through technology and pedagogyVideo Lectures
EDU702 – Advanced Educational LeadershipVideo Lectures
EDU705 – Writing for ResearchVideo Lectures
EDU710 – Research SeminarVideo Lectures
EDUA519 – Teaching Practice – IVideo Lectures
ENG001 – Elementary EnglishVideo Lectures
ENG101 – English ComprehensionVideo Lectures
ENG201 – Business and Technical English WritingVideo Lectures
ENG301 – Business CommunicationVideo Lectures
ENG401 – Introduction to Literature: Short Story and PoetryVideo Lectures
ENG503 – Introduction to English Language TeachingVideo Lectures
ENG504 – Second Language AcquisitionVideo Lectures
ETH201 – Ethics (for Non-Muslims)Video Lectures
ETH202 – Ethics (for Non-Muslims)Video Lectures
FIN611 – Advanced Financial AccountingVideo Lectures
FIN621 – Financial Statement AnalysisVideo Lectures
FIN622 – Corporate FinanceVideo Lectures
FIN623 – Taxation ManagementVideo Lectures
FIN624 – Islamic Mode of FinancingVideo Lectures
FIN625 – Credit & Risk ManagementVideo Lectures
FIN630 – Investment Analysis & Portfolio ManagementVideo Lectures
FIN704 – Managerial AccountingVideo Lectures
FIN711 – Advanced Financial AccountingVideo Lectures
FIN722 – Corporate FinanceVideo Lectures
FIN723 – Taxation ManagementVideo Lectures
FIN725 – Credit & Risk ManagementVideo Lectures
FIN730 – Investment Analysis & Portfolio ManagementVideo Lectures
GEN731 – Advanced Molecular GeneticsVideo Lectures
GEN732 – Advanced CytogeneticsVideo Lectures
GEN733 – Biometrical Techniques in GeneticsVideo Lectures
GSC101 – General ScienceVideo Lectures
GSC201 – Teaching of General ScienceVideo Lectures
HRM611 – Human Relations (original code=MGMT611)Video Lectures
HRM613 – Performance ManagementVideo Lectures
HRM617 – Training and DevelopmentVideo Lectures
HRM623 – Leadership & Team Management (original code=MGMT623)Video Lectures
HRM624 – Conflict ManagementVideo Lectures
HRM625 – Change Management (original code=MGMT625)Video Lectures
HRM626 – Recruitment and selectionVideo Lectures
HRM627 – Human Resource DevelopmentVideo Lectures
HRM628 – Organizational Development (original. code=MGMT628)Video Lectures
HRM630 – International Human Resource ManagementVideo Lectures
HRM713 – Performance ManagementVideo Lectures
HRM724 – Conflict ManagementVideo Lectures
HRM727 – Human Resource DevelopmentVideo Lectures
ISL201 – Islamic StudiesVideo Lectures
IT430 – E-CommerceVideo Lectures
MCM101 – Introduction to Mass CommunicationVideo Lectures
MCM301 – Communication skillsVideo Lectures
MCM304 – Mass Media in PakistanVideo Lectures
MCM310 – Journalistic WritingVideo Lectures
MCM311 – Reporting and Sub-EditingVideo Lectures
MCM401 – Fundamentals of Public RelationsVideo Lectures
MCM404 – Globalization of MediaVideo Lectures
MCM411 – Introduction to BroadcastingVideo Lectures
MCM431 – Development CommunicationVideo Lectures
MCM501 – Advertising for Print and Electronic MediaVideo Lectures
MCM511 – Theories of CommunicationVideo Lectures
MCM514 – Feature & Column WritingVideo Lectures
MCM515 – Radio News Reporting & ProductionVideo Lectures
MCM516 – TV News Reporting & ProductionVideo Lectures
MCM517 – Online JournalismVideo Lectures
MCM520 – Contemporary Mass MediaVideo Lectures
MCM531 – Community JournalismVideo Lectures
MCM532 – Magazine JournalismVideo Lectures
MCM601 – Media ManagementVideo Lectures
MCM604 – International CommunicationVideo Lectures
MCM610 – Mass Communication Law & EthicsVideo Lectures
MGMT510 – Total Quality Management (original code=MGT510)Video Lectures
MGMT611 – Human Relations (alt. code=HRM611)Video Lectures
MGMT614 – Supply Chain ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT615 – Transportation & Logistics ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT622 – Management SkillsVideo Lectures
MGMT623 – Leadership & Team Management – MGMT623 (alt. code=HRM623)Video Lectures
MGMT625 – Change ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT627 – Project ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT628 – Organizational Development (alt. code=HRM628)Video Lectures
MGMT629 – Crisis ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT630 – Knowledge ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT723 – Leadership & Team ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT725 – Change ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT727 – Project ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT728 – Organizational DevelopmentVideo Lectures
MGMT729 – Crisis ManagementVideo Lectures
MGMT730 – Knowledge ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT101 – Financial AccountingVideo Lectures
MGT111 – Introduction to Public AdministrationVideo Lectures
MGT201 – Financial ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT211 – Introduction To BusinessVideo Lectures
MGT301 – Principles of MarketingVideo Lectures
MGT401 – Financial Accounting IIVideo Lectures
MGT402 – Cost & Management AccountingVideo Lectures
MGT404 – Managerial AccountingVideo Lectures
MGT411 – Money & BankingVideo Lectures
MGT501 – Human Resource ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT502 – Organizational BehaviourVideo Lectures
MGT503 – Principles of ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT504 – Organization Theory & DesignVideo Lectures
MGT504 – Organization Theory & DesignVideo Lectures
MGT520 – International BusinessVideo Lectures
MGT601 – SME ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT602 – EntrepreneurshipVideo Lectures
MGT603 – Strategic ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT604 – Management of Financial Institutions (alt. code=BNK604)Video Lectures
MGT605 – Advanced Cost and Management AccountingVideo Lectures
MGT610 – Business EthicsVideo Lectures
MGT611 – Business & Labor LawVideo Lectures
MGT612 – Corporate LawVideo Lectures
MGT613 – Production / Operations ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT621 – Administrative Law and AccountabilityVideo Lectures
MGT703 – Strategic ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT704 – Organization Theory & DesignVideo Lectures
MGT705 – Advanced Cost and Management AccountingVideo Lectures
MGT711 – Business & Labor LawVideo Lectures
MGT713 – Production / Operations ManagementVideo Lectures
MGT722 – Management SkillsVideo Lectures
MKT501 – Marketing ManagementVideo Lectures
MKT530 – Consumer BehaviourVideo Lectures
MKT610 – Customer Relationship ManagementVideo Lectures
MKT611 – Marketing ResearchVideo Lectures
MKT621 – Advertising & PromotionVideo Lectures
MKT624 – Brand ManagementVideo Lectures
MKT625 – Services MarketingVideo Lectures
MKT630 – International MarketingVideo Lectures
MKT703 – Strategic Marketing ManagementVideo Lectures
MKT711 – Marketing ResearchVideo Lectures
MKT721 – Advertising & PromotionVideo Lectures
MKT724 – Brand ManagementVideo Lectures
MKT725 – Services MarketingVideo Lectures
MKT730 – International MarketingVideo Lectures
MKT731 – Consumer BehaviourVideo Lectures
MTH001 – Elementary MathematicsVideo Lectures
MTH100 – General MathematicsVideo Lectures
MTH101 – Calculus And Analytical GeometryVideo Lectures
MTH102 – Basic Algebra and TrigonometryVideo Lectures
MTH201 – Multivariable CalculusVideo Lectures
MTH202 – Discrete MathematicsVideo Lectures
MTH301 – Calculus IIVideo Lectures
MTH302 – Business Mathematics & StatisticsVideo Lectures
MTH303 – Mathematical MethodsVideo Lectures
MTH401 – Differential EquationsVideo Lectures
MTH403 – Calculus and Analytical Geometry – IIVideo Lectures
MTH501 – Linear AlgebraVideo Lectures
MTH601 – Operations ResearchVideo Lectures
MTH603 – Numerical AnalysisVideo Lectures
MTH621 – Real Analysis IVideo Lectures
MTH622 – Vectors and Classical MechanicsVideo Lectures
MTH701 – Advanced Differential EquationsVideo Lectures
MTH704 – Computational Software’s for MathematicsVideo Lectures
MTH706 – Advanced Linear AlgebraVideo Lectures
MTH721 – Commutative AlgebraVideo Lectures
PAK301 – Pakistan StudiesVideo Lectures
PAK302 – Pakistan StudiesVideo Lectures
PHY101 – PhysicsVideo Lectures
PHY301 – Circuit TheoryVideo Lectures
PSC201 – International RelationsVideo Lectures
PSC401 – Public International LawVideo Lectures
PSY101 – Introduction to PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY401 – Clinical PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY402 – Experimental PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY403 – Social PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY404 – Abnormal PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY405 – Personality PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY406 – Educational PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY407 – Sport PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY408 – Health PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY409 – Positive PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY502 – History & Systems of PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY504 – Cognitive PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY505 – Developmental PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY510 – Organizational PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY511 – Environmental PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY512 – Gender Issues in PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY513 – Forensic PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY514 – Consumer PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY515 – Cross Cultural PsychologyVideo Lectures
PSY610 – Neurological Bases of BehaviorVideo Lectures
PSY631 – Psychological Testing & MeasurementsVideo Lectures
PSY632 – Theory & Practice of CounselingVideo Lectures
RTS720 – Research ThesisVideo Lectures
SOC101 – Introduction to SociologyVideo Lectures
SOC401 – Cultural AnthropologyVideo Lectures
SPT730 – Special TopicVideo Lectures
STA301 – Statistics and ProbabilityVideo Lectures
STA304 – Applied StatisticsVideo Lectures
STA404 – Regression and Correlation AnalysisVideo Lectures
STA406 – Statistical InferenceVideo Lectures
STA408 – Design and Analysis of ExperimentsVideo Lectures
STA630 – Research MethodsVideo Lectures
STA730 – Advance Research MethodsVideo Lectures
URD101 – UrduVideo Lectures
ZOO401 – LimnologyVideo Lectures
ZOO630 – Research Methods in BiologyVideo Lectures
ZOO731 – Advanced Analytical TechniquesVideo Lectures