Role Of Education In Daily Life and Betterment of Society

role of education

The role of education is most superior and plays vital role in in our life. This article describes about the role of education in our daily life as well as betterment of society.


Education plays has a prominent role in this modern era of global world. In today’s world education became the most important aspect. Education plays a key role for the betterment of society. The need of education is increasing day by day due to which it has become of utmost importance. It is the ultimate pathway of success. Education gives a great deal of support and encourages each and every individual.  The stunning fact is that education is given highest place in today’s world. Basically education is a process of continuous learning which should be continued till the life ends. One should learn to live a decent life, a life which may promote knowledge and awareness to society or individuals. Right to get education is a fundamental right of each and every individual. Education should be imparted to all without any discrimination. It is an essential commodity like food, clothing and shelter. It is a key to success.

Role of education in daily life and society

Education plays a key role in determining how you spend your adult life – a higher level of education means higher earnings, better health, and a longer life. By the same token, the long-term social and financial costs of educational failure are high. Those without the skills to participate socially and economically generate higher costs for health, income support, child welfare and social security systems. Education is a major aspect of development of any modern society. Education brings awareness in people and keeps them away from superstitious beliefs. It provides best possible settlement. An educated person can always manage things better than those of uneducated persons. An educated person can led his life with many comfort. Education teaches the students to remain physically and mentally strong. Education is the best investment for the people because well educated people have more opportunities to get a job which gives them satisfaction. An educated person will be always respected in any part of world and his talent will awarded and rewarded. Literacy rate depends on education, the higher is the literacy rate, the better is the society. All the advancement in technology is due to education. Education is the ultimate factor that provides employment, so it plays a vital role in development of the country and also in raising the per ca pita income of the country. Education is the best weapon to eradicate poverty. Education keeps the people away from superstitions beliefs. Education is only pathway to maintain success in life. It increases the ethical values of the person. Education is not only learning about books but also learning about how to live life. It rapidly increases your skill and awareness. Educated person will identify the difference between good and bad. Education has expanded significantly in the past half-century, but hopes that this would automatically bring about a fairer society have been only partly realised. Women have made dramatic advances, but overall social mobility has not risen and in some places inequalities of income and wealth have increased.


In short we can say that Education is of utmost importance and plays a very vital role in this modern world. Education has also become a basic commodity like food, clothing and shelter. It develops positive attitude in the society. It is the ultimate pathway of success. Education is major tool in the world which is key to success in every walk of life.