CS726 Information Retrieval Techniques

CS726 Information Retrieval Techniques

Course Synopsis

This course discusses the theory, design, and implementation of text-based information retrieval systems. The core components of an Information Retrieval include statistical characteristics of text, representation of information needs and documents, several important retrieval models (Boolean, vector space, probabilistic, inference net, language modeling, link analysis), clustering algorithms, automatic text categorization, recommender systems, search computing ,search engine optimization, multimedia IR, semantic web, and experimental evaluation. The software architecture components include design and implementation of high-capacity text retrieval and text filtering systems. Furthermore, queries related to the “deep web” are also discussed under the topic of Search Computing. Lastly, Page Rank Computation, Latent Semantic Indexing, other advance topics, and latest research trends shall also be discussed in this course.

Course Learning Outcomes

Developing understanding of theory and practice of text retrieval techniques

  • You will be able to understand theory of IR systems, the working mechanism of such systems and practical applications of the IR systems to real life problems.

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