CS711 – Software Design midterm past questions

CS711 – Software Design midterm past questions

Q1. What is waterfall model, its phase? Write its advantages and disadvantages?

Q2. XP Corners?

Q3. Explain the V-Model?

Q4. What is Rational Unified Process?

Q5. Software Design and SDLC in detail?

Q6. Define abstraction with benefits?

Q7. Explain Vertical layered decomposition

Q8. Layered Architecture Draw two diagrams?

Q9. Tree structure. Tree decomposition structure in detail explain?

Q10. Explain information hiding

Q11. SOC principles, and its type?

Q12. Explain Content coupling with examples?

Q13. Explain Common coupling

Q14. Explain Control coupling

Q15. What is Data coupling also giving example?

Q16. What is Logical cohesion?

Q17. Communication cohesion with examples?

Q18. Coincidental cohesion with example

Q19. Explain Procedural cohesion?

Q20. How extensibility help, Explain in detail?

Q21. Inheritance with examples

Q22. Explain Overriding and Method Hiding with examples?

Q23. Explain Polymorphism with example?

Q24. Static methods in JAVA with example?

Q25. Open close principle (OCP) with code?

Q26. Code of java was given and asked if it conforms with OCP principle or not.

Q27. Explain Association with examples?

Q28. Explain Aggregation with examples?

Q29. Explain Composition in detail with examples?

Q30. Explain Common class with example

Q31. Consider Learning Management System of Virtual University of Pakistan. Being a designer, you are required to design this system’s design. So, as first step you have to decompose the system into subsystems using horizontal decomposition. Draw a design diagram representing the subsystems and their interaction.
Note: you can use any notation.

Q32. We have to design a banking system in which there are several clients who are availing the facility of maintaining the account in the bank. As an international norm bank is offering multiple type of accounts to it’s customers like savings, current etc. Each account is having a facility of deposit and withdrawal attached with it for it’s client We have to design the system in such a way that should accommodate the addition of new account types i-e profit and loss account etc without change in the design of the system.

Q33. In an order processing system, once the order is received multiple activities are initiated to complete the order process. On one side order filing is initiated and on the other end billing mechanism is initiated to receive the payment. On the order filing side delivery mechanism is finalized whether it is a rush delivery or regular delivery. In the end all the activities end to close an order.
Q34. Make Trediagram of given VU system scenario

Q35. Does the given code validate or violate OCP?

Q36. Cohesion and coupling check from code?

Q37. Create online Ticket System Use Case Diagram?

Q38. Open/Close principal with bank scenario

Q39. Java interface classes.

Q40. By using given scenario an online exam system with client area and admin (with given) functionality. Design using subsystem, layer or tree shaped.

Q41. Design railway ticketing tree and layered design?