CS703 Advanced Operating Systems Midterm Past Questions

CS703 Advanced Operating Systems

Midterm Past Questions

Q1. Features of real-time operating system

Q2. Advantages and disadvantages of monolithic design and why layering is not best for construction of operating system

Q3. Compare User-Thread and Kernal thread
Q4. Write c program to create a child thread, which show message “Hello World”
Q5. Shortcoming of SJF Algorithm
Q6. Non-Primitive version of SJF
Q7. Short and long time slice effect in RR
Q8. Disadvantages of thread paradigms?
Q9. What are the desirable properties of a good CPU scheduling algorithm ? Evaluate the FCFS scheduling algorithm on the basis of the established desirable properties ?
Q10. Write characteristics of real time operating system.
Q11. What are the shortcomings of static libraries? How these can be resolved?
Q12. Too much milk problem. Write the solution of problem using binary
Q13. Some systems automatically delete all user files when a user logs off or a job terminates, unless the user explicitly requests that they be kept; other systems keep all files unless the user explicitly deletes them. Discuss the relative merits of each approach.
Q14. Difference between DAC and MAC
Q15. How we can handle page fault in virtual machine if utilization of disk become high CPU becomes low.
Q16. How operating system handle I/O operations when an ‘’ABC’” operating system is installed on XYZ system intermediately between user and system while CPU signaling continuously.
Q17.In multi processor if any processor goes in infinite loop how CPU will get its control.
Q18. Layers of the I/O system and function of each layer. Draw diagram
Q19. Why segmentation and paging combined into one scheme also give examples?
Q20. Why Rotational latency is not considered in disk scheduling? How FCFS, SSTF, SCAN and C-SCAN are modified for rotational latency optimization?
Q21. Algorithm order of worst case allocation time and worst case freeing time.
a). implicit free lists.
b). explicit free list
c). simple segregated free lists.
Q22. Define contiguous, linked and indexed allocation, which is best and explain.
Q23. Out of MVT and MFT which is best . Which is used for internal and which is used for external.