5 Best Ways To Prepare For Final Exams

Preparation for final examination can be stressful to any student. So, knowing how to prepare for final examination is key to success in final exam. Of course, all the students would like to adopt best ways to prepare for their exam. Here are some tips that can be helpful in your preparation of final exam.

1. What to avoid

You should avoid distraction like texting friends and listening music during preparation. All your focus should be on study.

Say no to cramming, study in intervals of 30 to 60 minutes and give yourself 10 minutes is better than cramming.

Do not study at congested place or a place where you are not comfortable.

2. What to do

Start practice-testing, highlight the important questions and repeat them, prepare summaries, taking practice exams can be very effective.

Once you have prepared schedule to study, try to completely follow the plan but do not forget about your health also as it directly effects your preparation of final exam.

Change the environment of study room. Alternately change your seating plan.

3. What to eat

Eat super foods and antioxidants. Eat breakfast the day of a big test. Avoid high-carb and high-fiber foods as these are slow-digesting. What you eat a week before matters. The students who eat a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables can perform better. During study brain consumes glucose, so  take a five-minute break every hour to let your body produce more fuel for your studying. Eating a healthy snack is very beneficial, almonds, fruit, and yogurt are good choices.

4. Where to study

Do not spend all the night in library. Change the environment of study room. Alternate study spots. In an experiment, psychologists found that college students who studied a list of 40 vocabulary words in two different rooms — one windowless and cluttered, the other modern, with a view on a courtyard — did far better on a test than students who studied the words twice, in the same room. This is due to the reason that brain makes subtle associations between what it is studying and the background sensations it has at the time.

5. How to manage time

Time management is very important factor in preparation of final exam. Follow a balanced study plan. By creating a balanced study plan and schedule you will be able to study all subjects entirely. Besides  study plan, you should focus on your health.

Review the toughest material right before going to bed the night before the test. It makes it easier to recall the material later